They know what they want and they know how to get it. We all agree that every group or team needs a leader; it can be imposed, agreed, it can change over time, it can respond to different types, but it is always there. And in many cases the most responsible of who and how the leader is, are the rest of members of the group.

I’m sure you have come across an example at any point. There is this strong character person, who has a natural power over people in many aspects, who dominates every group he belongs even if it is friends, school or work. This person with the capacity of making people around him believe blindly what he supports, when he wants and how he expects until the point that these rest of the group don’t even question if is good or if they agree.

It is not that the group members are passive, because they work and participate and give opinion in their measure, but they feel like the leader has the last work. Even if he changes, deletes auto-adjudicates or despises someone’s work, the members are in some way charmed until the point that they act overstating and idealizing the leader. Most of the times, this behavior is glaringly obvious from outside the group, for a third person who thinks it must be hard to work in such an environment, but not for the members because they normally don’t realize the power and vileness of that leadership, but just follow it.

From my modest point of view, those leaders know how powerful their leadership can be, when you are among a group of people that are very good in their areas and work very hard, but they are always going to do it the way you impose. They are conscious of the love-fear feeling that the members have for them and it could be used in a very good way to improve the behavior of each member in teamwork and also individually.

Even though, because of their character and personality they are just ruling a group and receiving all the greetings, while they are seen as gods by the group members but as villains by the outsiders.

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  1. Ihmettelen vaan says:

    It is not that straightforward. It is often that those natural leaders are also respected from outside of the group. I believe in equal liason. There is various kind of leadership and ways who people can influence each other.

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