Marketing in search engines


If you want to know more of some product or service, where do you look that information first? Are you going to ask your frends or family? Are you going to find the latest newspapers or advertise brochures? I think that you already know what is the answer what I’m looking for.


In the middle of 90’s search engines started to help up internet users for finding sites and information more fast from internet. And in the end of 90’s they bring out a product for companies, which is going to chance all the marketing know before. Company can pay for search engine -company for optimize their product or service name in the all of the searches what people do. So in practice, someone writes any kind of word in search engine. Engine will give a lot of hits and sites, where that word appears. Company can pay for that their site will be in the first place. Almost 90% of all mouse kliks happens in the first page, and over 40% of those choses be targeted at first hit. After that all is up to how tempting those sites are.


If I find the product what I would like to buy, from the shop, I like to compare prices with my smartphone. Actually couple of time I have been in this kind of situation and only google the name of product and find it somewhere else with lower price. Or you can think that if you need to find a good restaurant. You put your location and service what you need to search engine. It gives you many hit and I think that I’m not wrong if I say that you will check that first hit first.




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