CRM in the church

I work for The finnish lutheran church. In this writing I contemplate custom relationship management of the chuch. The church have the oldest “CRM” in Finland at least. The church establish thorow register of members at 1600 cantury. It was the foundation of finnish popular register. In that early register there was well organiced, very profound knowledge about people in addition of listed births, deaths and marriages.

So called “rippikirja” -book contained information of peoples reading skills, adultery and heath. Rippikirja was in use until as late as early eighteenth century. The church and the goverment used the register of course to govern people but also to manage custom relationship. By the register the church could send timely messages and follow customer bahaviour. If you didn´n show up in the confirmation school the priest came to visit and kindly advised to join one.

There is still huge register, joint with population register, in the use of the church. The problem is that the church doesn´t utilize its member register in its full potential. It is not apply as a CRM or attached to the CRM. Very little has been done in this field. One fine examble of how the church can utilize its register in custom relation management was, that the church reached the families with the newly born baby with the CD of lullabies and invitation of babtism. The contact has been well recieved and leaded at least some life long relationships with the church. Well organized maintaining the relationship with its members is the key to survival of the church in a modern times secular society.

Once the church was the pioner of CRM, but now it might be the time to look to the commercial world and find the way to utilize CRM and the existing, comprehensive customer information.

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