Sleight of hand

Last night I was watching some random tv shows as usual. During the commercial break, I saw this video that really caught my attention. There was this old man (I googled the commercial and found out he was Buzz Aldrin) on a beach telling about wisdoms of life, while calm music was playing on the background and you could hear the voice of waves. The commercial actually brought some feelings up and I got chills on my back. That is why I never expected it to be a commercial for Neste Oil! The commercial ended up with Neste Oil logo and slogan ”The only way is forward”.

This commercial made me think about all the big business corporations that do anything to fool the eye of a consumer. It doesn’t take a nuclear physicist to know that Neste Oil is one of the world’s most unethical corporations, harming the environment by its actions. Yet, commercials like this actually work on a large range of consumers. It’s sad that so many consumers can be fooled with such a trick, and it’s even sadder that most of the largest corporations do anything to maximize their profit.

As a child they teach us not to lie. For these huge companies it seems to be fine to lie just a little. Or are these what they call ”white lies”? I don’t think so.

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