Are you color blind?

Colors fulfill the world. People associate colors to feelings and things. For example, you can feel blue if you are looking at some sad, gloomy picture full of grey and black. If you see something green, it can remind you of grass, forest and things like that. So colors can also help us remember things better.

Researches tell us that, in marketing, it’s quite important to know the meanings of different colors. Your product package as well as your company’s logo can communicate to the customer what kind of business you have through the colors. If your package and logo are green, your customers can relate it to ecology. If you use really dark green it can form a feeling that your company is aggressive, dangerous or somehow negative. The color you choose to use for example in your product package makes a difference in other ways. Some colors pay more attention than others. One of these is red. That’s why some things like stop sign is colored the way it is. So it is really important to keep some basic things in your mind when you want to have an impact on people’s purchase behavior.

According to some marketing experts, there are colors that make customers buy stuff easier, such as blue and orange. Blue seems to be a color that everyone likes and it makes people feel like they can rely on the company or the product. Orange, on the other hand, is usually used in bargain sales. So if the package is orange the product must be cheap. The brightness of the colors is of course determinant too. The eye doesn’t get used to bright colors so easily and that’s why people notice the product/logo longer. It’s also clever to use colors that aren’t usually seen in the industry. That’s how the company can stand out from competitors. For instance, blue is a color which is widely seen in the financial sector. If one of the company’s logo would be, let’s say, pink, it would be memorable and easier to observe. Right?

But everything isn’t so black and white. What’s your first thought when you think about using colors in worldwide business? Some associations with color have been a part of many societies for centuries and there might be a strong positive or negative implication of using colors in marketing. Differences are narrow but you need to be aware of them to maximize your impact. For example, red color for Western countries means danger, love and warnings. On the other hand, in Eastern countries red is a symbol of joy and used as a wedding color and celebration. So would you try to force feed white wedding dresses there? Internet and social media has allowed people all over the world to learn about other cultures and their symbols. That’s why the meaning of the colors blends little by little.

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3 Responses to Are you color blind?

  1. tipaiva says:

    Good job!

  2. mari14anne says:

    Interesting fact to think about colors in marketing, they really mean a lot. And it´s good point that different countries and areas have different meanings for the colors, for example in Japan there are colors that have different meanings compared to those meanings we are used to here in Finland – it could be offensive to use wrong colors.

  3. michellemarieyukiko says:

    I find our response to colors very interesting, as well as what we associate with each one. Even the shade of the color can change our thoughts and comparisons. When I see natural shades such as soft blues and rusty oranges, I think of nature and a slow movement in consumerism, whereas bright and bold colors remind me of fast pace and modern advances.

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