Buying does not give the same satisfaction as it used to

Have you noticed that almost everything you want is possible to have? No matter what it is: new television or computer, vacation, furniture or even a car. There are many ways to get it immediately. And we claim that the easier it is to get things the less it has value.

So easy! If you think about the last decade, there has been a huge change on how to buy and fund consumer goods as both have become easier. Quick and unguaranteed loans with long repayment periods have been easy to get and easy to spend. Basically you don’t even have to get up from sofa to spend it all. A study from 2013 has shown that shopping will make you even more miserable. Even the children have never ending Christmas or birthday and due date for toy is 1-2 weeks.

Too much! If you look at the resent news about a decrease in consumer goods market or read about people’s desire to get rid of stuff you will find that there might be a new trend rising. Of course this long economic recession and insecure future has had its effect to this but yet there seems to be something bigger going on. People do not get the desired satisfaction by getting stuff. Instead they feel so sick and nauseous that a new profession has been created: Professional Organisator. These organisators will help you to organize your belongings and mind.

Wake up! Take a look at Tavarataivas – a movie about a man who took all his belongings to a warehouse and got it back one by one. Or limit your products to one hundred. Or even try to attempt to “Don’t buy anything day”. Try to increase social life! Get experiences! Go to Nuuksio National Park! Enjoy life itself! We promise you will become a better person.

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5 Responses to Buying does not give the same satisfaction as it used to

  1. mari14anne says:

    I agree – it´s not the products that bring satisfaction or happiness into your life – at least not for permanently. The document of Tavarataivas was good example how other people and experiences can make you happy – not the products. You can appreciate little things more, when you don´t buy so many goods.

  2. michellemarieyukiko says:

    I agree with this post and feel it is an ideal to be able to live life with only the necessities, leaving people and experiences to enrich your life. It is hard, though, in a world filled with so much consumerism, to not be drawn in. Thank you for the documentary suggestion!

  3. Samppa says:

    I think that all the stuff is just an replacement for real dreams and needs. The stuff is just so much easier to get beside doing something you really dream of. Maybe time is the thing that will replace stuff with it´s value and as a desirable.

  4. Eija Lappalainen says:

    It is quite a sad thing that the social pressure is so huge that we have to have the same things our friends or neighbour have even we can`t afford to do it. The short loan destroy family and cause enormous shame. I dont know, why we need more and more. Something is missing, something, that gives us other meaning of life.

  5. marjajenni says:

    I’ agree and Samppa you are so right.
    I would like to see the day,when we really valued something more important than stuff and goods.

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