Buying milk, ending up with a car

At some point in people´s life there is the time when you need to buy a car. For transportation, social status, self indulgence etc. Of course, some may have been dreaming of it for several years – how it´s going to look like, the brand, the color etc.

When you actually have the possibility and resources/cash/money to buy the car it may limit your original picture of the car. Also the timing of the purchase may differ from the planned. And sometimes, even going to a milk store can end up with you buying a car. That´s what happened to me and my family. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon a quick stop at a local car dealer and there it was: Shiny, fresh, cool gray shaped and ready to be picked up.

Anyway, almost everybody dreams of a sport car with huge amount of horsepower and low consumption. And my selection? Renault Laguna station wagon (year 2000, purchased as used in 2005.) 1,6 litres with the smallest engine that you can have in the model. At that time, it was the perfect choice for our family.

Of course, after the purchase I started defending the car as the best deal. Anybody who has bought a car knows it´s always a good deal… Lots of space, even an air condition! and a huge car trunk. Before the purchase our family had increased to three after the birth of our beautiful daughter.

So she needs to be kept safe in a big car and cool at summer times. Of course, more confident I became with my selection when Renault won the Formula 1 constructors championship. There was even an ad campaign in TV for Renault about two men arguing about their cars and the other defended that his Renault is almost the same as F1 champion car and the other said it differs a lot from formula 1.

It is only human that after a big purchase you try to convince yourself that your selection was right and reasonable and money well spent. Human mind works in mysterious ways, instead of buying milk for your family you end up spending a huge amount of money, sometimes with very quick decision. How reasonable is that? Laguna TUV

And what happened to milk? It was bought at seven eleven.

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5 Responses to Buying milk, ending up with a car

  1. loch1912 says:

    Decisions can sometimes be made in unexpected situations (like your story, buying milk). Everything seldom goes as it planned and the best choice are made surprisingly fast and crazy but after all, it’s a good deal to consumers and they can’t agree more. Well-spent money, quick thinking could totally made your day.

  2. marjajenni says:

    I agree. It happened to me too. I was going to supermarket, but I bought a motorbike. Afterward I couldn’t understand that, because normally I’m very slow to make decisions and I think always very carefully what I buy. But I’ m happy to have it. So I think I made a good “quick” decision. And we are more, one of my friend bought a horse…

  3. kinnina says:

    Nice to read that someone else makes quick decisions too. I have a quite similar story than you. I almost bought a house when I was on the way to take milk cartons for recycling. And this has happened twice to me.
    The best or worst part of story is that I have an excellent skill to inspire the rest of the family to take part of these unexpected ideas. After a lot of toing and froing, does not guarantee better outcomes, I think. Nothing is forever!

  4. sannamas says:

    I also bought a new car when I was going to market. My old car irritated and left me many times on the road. It was frustrating and unpleasant to repair that old ”lady”all the time. Something just happened and I went to the car center and bought a new one. I didn’t even test drive it just made a deal and waited couple of weeks to get it.

  5. tipaiva says:

    I have had the same feeling that you had after spending a lot of money to a car. After buying something really expensive I always try to convince myself that I have done the right decision, even when it turns out that I haven’t.

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