They need no more.

The term downshifting appeared in the occidental discussion at the beginning of the century. Many sneered. Not many can afford to reduce their income and to become a moderate consumer. Only those middle-aged who have enjoyed a healthy income for a number of years are able to adopt this kind of behaviour. They have had a plenty of time to obtain all the necessities they might need in life.  To cut down consumption is no big deal to them.

But now this ism has caught fire among the young folks as well – and with a devotion typical to young people. Their aim is never to get involved with a hectic economical life and intense competition of the well paid career positions. They are well educated, aware of the environmental and social problems. And they can validate their arguments. The values of sustainable development guide all their decisions as consumers whether buying Sunday lunch or bed linen.

So it is a waste of time to try to lure these moderate consumers by means of mass marketing strategies. Their buying decisions are thoroughly thought over.

How do you then reach this target group? How do you make them purchase your products and services? With expertise. Professionalism. Face-to-face communication. Fact-based selling. By referring to the acknowledged research results. Perhaps with a little drop of romance and dap of technology. These are expensive sales techniques that need to be taught, couched, tested and re-tested. Time consuming.  And the cost of these exercises will no doubt show on the prices of products and services offered.

Mr J.Krishnamutrin (born 1895, India) came up with this philosophical thought: “The primary cause of disorder in ourselves is the seeking of reality promised by another.” Keeping this wisdom in mind, how do you form your sentences, how do you package your offer, so that you do not offend a moderate consumer or make him suffer bad conscience after making the decision to purchase your product.

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