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What is the worth of a ”Like” on Facebook? It tells your friends that ”this is something he/she feels strongly about” and it helps Facebook to build your profile and targeted advertisements. But how much more value does it add to a company like Coca-Cola, for example? I would argue that it doesn’t add any, because a ”Like” for a company like Coke means literally nothing. They’ve already seized a good portion of your mindshare, even if you don’t use social media at all. For smaller companies this is different, as it may increase their visibility and help them grow and thus the argument could be made that ”Likes” are increasing their brand value, but then that begs the question ”Is the brand valuable because of the ”Likes” or do the ”Likes” come because of the brand?” Mashable reported a study in 2012 that a “whopping” 6% of fans of a brand engage with the brand’s Facebook page, an apalling number.


Another like bites the dust!

So an avalanche of ”Likes” is less than optimal and might only work to pat the egos of social marketing specialists. Here we come to the quality part. Ideally you would want your social media presence to reinforce the desired brand image, this much is obvious. A Facebook message or a tweet for example that says ”I just had a coke with good friends. Delicious” is infinitely more valuable than a nearly anonymous ”Like” or a retweet. Cultivating fans into super-fans will give you an army of evangelists singing your praise. As a company, wouldn’t you want more of such messages buzzing around in cyberspace, rather than an avalance of ”Likes”?

Turning fans into superfans gives a great return on investment

Experiences and stories build brands

Wouldn’t ten meaningful messages generate more discussion and potential business than a hundred likes? Aren’t you as a consumer more interested in a story than a picture of a thumb? Shouldn’t companies encourage positive conversations in social media? Wouldn’t this bring their brand to the forefront of the competition? I think so, and doing so will ensure social media success.





About petrilau

Hey, my name is Petri and I'm a member of the global social media environment, just like you. The influence this network in all of our lives is undeniable and hence why I believe it's important to bring attention to what really matters in it. My goal is to at least make you think about what is important in social media, so we can all increase it's value and relevance. Thank you for reading
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7 Responses to Like Quality

  1. The « like » means a lot, in my opinion. When you like a Facebook page you have all the advertising they do on this page in you actuality, you see the brand every day (more or less). Let’s take Coca Cola as you did, they have 79 990 000 (more or less) likes on their Facebook page, this the same amount of persons who are seing the brand every day. This is all about marketing. They create a need.

    • petrilau says:

      Hey Audrey, and thanks for taking the time to respond.

      I see your point in “likes” giving companies like Coca Cola an additional marketing venue. However, does it add to their brand? What I mean is that how much additional value does the Coca Cola brand get from me liking their Facebook page? It doesn’t make me more likely to go out and buy a Coke right now and the additional exposure is minimal. I’m not saying “likes” are completely worthless, after all as you say at least they have one more way of spamming you with advertisement that you probably prefer not to have on your news feed, but what these companies should rather be concentrating on is to increase the quality and engagement of their fan interaction. A meaningful discussion with clever and memorable comments will stick with you far longer than yet another “like” that you will likely forget in a day.

  2. michellemarieyukiko says:

    Hi Petri. I agree with the fact that many companies, including Cola-cola, should increase the quality of their posts. But the number of likes Coca-colas posts get does prove that they have a very large following. I feel that in such a fast pace world as the internet, people give even the silliest things a moment of their time. Even though they may not comment on the post, just the fact that they liked it means they saw it and approved. Since Cola-cola is already a familiar and trusted company around the globe, I feel it is in their best interest not to gain more followers, but rather to keep the brand in their fans’ minds.

  3. You are right they definitly should concentrate the quality and the interaction with the consumers. It does not bring value but exposition for the brand and noriety!

  4. florachgn says:

    Hi Petri ! As you mentioned, companies which already have an important position on the market do not attachthat much importance to likes after a certain stage. However, if those big companies need to create a Facebook page for an event, a new product, ”Likes” can be a good accelerator of succes. Anyway, it is also possible to ”buy” likes now, it is not really representative. To answer one of your questions, I totally prefer participate to active discussions on social medias than just like a picture.

    • petrilau says:

      Hey, and thanks for reading!

      Buying “likes” is indeed another problem in valuing the “like” amount of a company, I would argue doubly so with new products that the company wishes to promote. “Likes” do have a place in a company’s social media approach definitely, but to improve the value of the brand requires more “quality” involvement with the fans or followers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  5. aliciakief says:

    Today, like on Facebook has become very famous, he can share his opinion without even comment on the article or photo in question.
    The Likes remain very superficial and we have become increasingly egocentric (Photo increasingly denuded for women, drugs in order to raise as much as possible like.)
    Recently, Facebook has implemented moods that have a big success.
    How far will they go?

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