Madness in Online shopping

We are in a middle of a big changing, when it comes to our shopping habits in Finland. Trends, products, prices and developments in the field of technology are making us to do more Online Shopping, which affects to our shopping culture. Why do we find Online shopping so interesting? Do we really get lower prices and easier way to do shopping? Or maybe we are just too blind to see the whole picture. Corner stores are terrified of the change in our shopping habits – which obviously can be problematic for them. They should react quickly, because their prices and selections aren´t exactly what consumers look for today. Some kind of innovation will be needed for sure as people know to use Online stores to compare prices and the competition is getting more and more international.

online storesThe nasty thing about buying Online is the exchange and return policy of the product, which can cause a lot of inconvenience. Not to mention the cost of it – for the seller. Also one growing habit is that consumer tries the products in normal corner stores (with the help from the seller), and then goes home and finishes the process by ordering and buying from internet – which is waste of time for the salesperson, don´t you think?


If the seller doesn´t realize consumer knows to compare prices and features elsewhere, the game is over. If some kind of change doesn´t happen or the prices don´t get lower in corner stores, people will continue using Online stores even more. Now is the time to think if the marginal profits are too high because of the greediness to produce more money. Storekeepers should transform within the changes of the buyer behavior, to be able to success. They need to be creative as our shopping behavior has changed a lot. Most of the stores can´t run their business without having an Online channel too, as it seems to be the place to be. It´s sad fact to realize normal store isn´t enough anymore – are we going to the right direction? It is expected that the Online stores will keep on growing, the Finnish statistics can also prove for that.

shopping onlineThe whole nation is worried about this big change, which causes losses in shopping field. What does that new trend mean for the business in Finland? We don’t usually talk in public about faults, but perhaps now would be a proper time to discuss about the matter, which includes new way of thinking about the services, prices, taxes and selections in the stores. We need to figure out what kind of stores there will be in the future, to make the business remain useful for the consumers. It´s time to change the plans for the stores, so we don´t need to do all the shopping Online in the near future – we really hope the situation doesn´t get out of hands.

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5 Responses to Madness in Online shopping

  1. petrilau says:

    Online shopping has enough up- and down sides to write a doctorate about, but I think you’ve managed to condense it fairly well. I believe that the main points for customers to purchase online are the ease (don’t have to leave home) and the price (as you can usually find whatever you’re looking for much cheaper). This is not even limited to physical goods, as digital distribution of movies, games and music is often much cheaper that the physical copies. For stores, the main reasons are savings (no or minimal sales staff, efficient storage space and no physical sales locations) and larger markets (internet is the world wide web, after all).

    The obstacles on the other hand you’ve also brought well into the light for the sales side, but wouldn’t you agree that there are also significant issues for the customers to overcome? Trust is a great factor in doing a purchase online, as you need to trust the vendor much more than in a traditional sales situation. This is one of the reasons older people refuse to shop online, despite the obvious benefits they would receive.

  2. michellemarieyukiko says:

    Although online shopping is becoming more and more popular, I truly think it will never be able to replace the experience a person gets from shopping in-store. But even with that said, it is a great worry to battle for customers with the power of the internet, especially for small entrepreneurs. With such a huge focus on saving money, many people would rather buy a product online if they can find it cheaper, or head to a low-quality chain store to find it. Their wallet may be satisfied, but it is important as a consumer to think about where their purchases come from and what they are supporting. It is very satisfying to buy a good quality product in a local shop you want to support from a person in your community. In the end, the consumer is left with a feeling they cannot find online.

  3. celiarenaud says:

    It’s true that this trend is increasing nowadays. The stores keepers have to take into consideration the modifications in the behavior of consumers. But for me, people will continue to go to stores to try clothes. It is more funnier to do shopping and see the clothes in a stores rather seeing clothes on a computer screen. But it is obvious if the consumers find a product cheaper on the Internet, they will buy it online. But anyway, the stores keepers have to think about a new conception of the clothes stores if they want to satisfy the consumers because their habits are changing.
    It’s a good analyse of this change, and we well understand the place of social media in this segment. The consumers are very aware of what happens on the social networks and are easily influenced by the role of the social media.

  4. paijje says:

    Madness or not, it’s true. For me it is not possible that I would buy everything through the net. I need that social contact and professional ability of sales person when I buy clothes. In my opinion it is really rude to go to the corner store to fit clothes and then order same clothes from the net.

    Certainly it is somehow strange that same article can be much cheaper in the net. But that is true. My colleague told me that he needed new batteries to his fire alarm. He went to the corner store, noticed that the price of one battery is 6 euros. He went home, opened the net and noticed that the price of the same battery was 1 euro in the net store. Well, you need not to be Einstein that you can guess what happened.

  5. pechonjehsoulemantienkwia says:

    Both opinions are right whether buying online or directly from the shop depends on customer point of view, there must be a reason for any of the options a real life example some companies policies states buy now and pay in installments and some customers feel comfortable with this cuz it reduces spending burden, but we noticed that we end up paying more when buying online than directly from shops. In some cases you are facing judicial problems for some misunderstood policies. On the other hand buying online makes shopping easier so is up to consumers to decide, because whether we like or not online shopping must exist since its a type of Business

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