Branding towards youth: attempting to create personal connections

For many youth Facebook and Twitter have become a part of daily life. These popular social media outlets give people a way to have constant connection with each other through status updates, photos, and the sharing of videos, news articles, etc. Seeing the direct engagement companies could have with their customers, recent years have brought on the need to use social networks as the main way to market towards youth. Through promotional posts such as videos and new product advertisements, many companies have the ability to let their customers feel “in the know” about the brand, creating a familiarity and connection between the company and the customer.

But what happens when companies attempt to make their connections with youth too personal? Some companies, most being on a large scale, have begun to form a defined personality for their products. The problem which then arises is their potential to lose customers who do not connect with the “niche” image they are creating. Social networks give customers a way to feel engaged with a brand. Once they become a “follower” of a brand they are associated with it and view the companies’ posts from then on. Although the customer may initially follow the company for its products, it may happen that the customer becomes disconnected to the brand if they cannot relate to the companies posts. An example of this can be seen on Sprites’ Twitter page: When a company is well known and has the trust and support of a wide range of customers, is there a need to market their product with a personality?

Even when the customer may relate to the brands personality, has the brand succeeded in creating a personal connection?  Furthermore, are consumers ready and willing to communicate with a brand in the same way we do with people?


Journal of Brand Management-
Social media in branding: Fulfilling a need. By Jack Yan

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3 Responses to Branding towards youth: attempting to create personal connections

  1. ninastefani says:

    Hello Michelle,
    Don´t you think that when you are already a loyal customer, you won´t mind about a new product personality ? As you said it is more about seduce new young potential customer, and as a Sprites customer for years, and I don´t care about their marketing message because I am already seduced by the product itself.

    • michellemarieyukiko says:

      Hello Nina,
      I do believe that for many loyal customers, marketing to a specific personality wont change their view on the product. I do think, however, that for a younger generation, their choices are more varied and it becomes less about having a “trusted” product and more about trying what interests them. For example, if a young person does not already see sprite as a first choice product, then it must stand out amongst all other sodas. If the person does not connect with the defined personality of sprite, it may give them more of a reason to try brands they can relate with.

  2. loch1912 says:

    I really like your example, Sprite. They are active and involve in so many competitions and events which make their brand popular and a symbol of sports’ spirit. People follow their tweet now not only the one who enjoy the flavor but also the one who enjoy basketball. So when they see basketball activities, it will remind of Sprite and bring them the engagement to try. The brand completed the connection and got more consumers. Mission accomplished !

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