Videos in social media: a powerful branding tool

Social media is now an essential tool for marketers, allowing them to engage a dialogue with customers toward the brand, the products and the services.  The quality and the amount of content that the brand provides to the customer are someway crucial, because it is the starting point of the conversation: it needs to be attractive, interesting and the customer has to learn something through it. Of course, you can just add a facebook status and launch a twit on twitter… or you could create a more engaging brand experience thanks to videos!


Why do you think that people rather like to watch TV than open a book when they go back home after a long day at work? Indeed, the more senses are involved the more highly engaging your social media content will be.

Let’s take an example:

Twix launched on the 7 of march a 16sc video on their facebook page, which had been already shared 142 times.

Their previous posts, just two days before was:

–       a fan photo of twix, shared 21 times

–       a simple post, shared only 2 times !

Videos are the best way to communicate your brand values. Using the twix exemple, the video says “it’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s delicious, eat it!”, when the picture and the text are just referring to the product itself with no real marketing message.

So as you can see, videos allow you to have a better quality message and to create more traffic; and sometimes even leads to a viral propagation, as the Volkswagen ad named “The Force”, with nearly 60 millions of views on Youtube.


But the major advantage of using both videos and social media is the price: even a little company can afford for an effective video ad! The web is quite informal, the video does not need to be super professional and so the ROI can be huge.

For instance Blendtec, a blender company based in Orem, Utah, use its youtube channel to share home-made videos where they are blending objects. Their “Will it Blend – Ipad” video had been seen more than 16 millions times , giving them an amazing ROI in terms of both worldwide sales and recognition: the retail sales have increased by over 700% thanks to their 236 millions views in total.


With the rise of podcasts, vlogging, micro cameras and the infinite number of video sharing platforms, be creative and uploading content is the new way to advertise. Does it means that the “attention advertising” as we knew it is over? For sure no, however it is on the downward slope.


References :

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4 Responses to Videos in social media: a powerful branding tool

  1. Hi Nina!
    In videos we have the image and the sound at the same time, the information pass easily!
    This is not so easy for a company to create a video. Imagine it is not well done … It could be a huge mistake for the brand image.
    Anyway, videos are such a “powerful branding tool”, as you said, that I think nowadays if a company wants an efficient advertisement and a modern image it has to use this tool!

  2. mikejlemon says:

    Hey Nina! Interesting post and I do agree that videos are likely to spread more quickly due to our senses being more engaged. Audio + Video, which Audrey mentioned above, communicates better messages. However, there are certain imagery tactics that can achieve even more attention. In my post, ‘Can Social Media Save Animals?’ I mentioned the use of shock advertising which some organizations such as PETA uses to capture peoples attention. I think marketing tactics for brands depends on which type of company the message they want to portray (ex. using video vs. image).

  3. suyeonr says:

    Very nice subject and post Nina! thank you 🙂 I thought branding social media is just on some images and marketing messages and that’s all but you did focus on Video which has stronger power with shows lots of images together and better marketing messages. It’s really interesting for me as well because when Video playing on public I’m really curious about the content and stop my walking to watch it. Therefore I think scenes of Video or messages are very important on Video marketing. If those are not interesting enough, people just ignore it or stop the Video and move on.

  4. KiHoonKim says:

    Thanks for the interesting post!
    I totally agree that your title “Videos in social media : a powerful branding tool”
    It do not mean everyone, the same content watching through the movie is more impressive than reading through the book. I think that the reason is most of people are sensitive to visual and auditory sense. If video is made well enough to stimulate the customer’s vision and auditory sense, the brand will firmly settle in the customer’s mind. and people naturally get to share and talk about the video through social media. As we all know, social media’s spreading speed is very fast so it would be more effective than any other advertisement method.

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