A success story or not? #Arlaprotein

A company who doesn’t use at least one of these three famous social platforms is not a real competing company anymore nowadays. According to web 2.0 founded by Tim O´Reilly; Social media is nowadays almost the most important channel to brand your company. Through social media you can interact with you customers but also create, innovate and develop new things. As Serban Enache says the CEO of Dreamstime; “you have to be in touch with your customers”. But this all is not easy; it will cost companies a lot of time and effort.

According to Kim Garst, social media and brand strategist, listening is more important than that companies are talking. It is important to help costumers to solve their problems and not only promote their products rather engage in discussions to promote their own agendas. Companies can also offer customer service on social media.

Twitter is very dynamic and can be very good to extend your network, a lot of companies offer here customer service; they help people if they have complaints or reactions and so on. Facebook is useful for not only your customers but also for all the employees and maybe professional contacts. The most important thing is the likes, how more likes you gain the more people will see you through others. Instagram is upcoming nowadays your brand can hold the connections of other social media and can have a specific hashtag. Companies can post photos and can be tagged through other people.

Take for example Arla ,used to be Ingman, in Finland. This company is doing a very good job in Social media. When I was on school this Monday I got some free protein quarks from Arla I started looking at their site and what I saw was really interesting. You can find Arla on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Instagram. I was attracted by their Instagram photo contest. On the occasion of their new product; protein quarks they are having a photo contest on Instagram; people can make pictures of their feel good moments and comment on it with #arlaprotein and the winner can win a gym membership with personal training sessions. On their Facebook site they share a lot of good looking recipes   and they post around 5 times a week. They have 102.287 likes on Facebook. They also have a very good maintained and active Twitter account with 1.216 followers. For in the future maybe Arla can let their customers make there own adverbs or commercials by giving them some materials in some kind of editing program. With this kind of program customers are actively involved and they are bussy with  creating and publishing their commercials which is almost free publicity for Arla.

Companies can have costumer service online; immediately react when people complain or have some ideas or tips. They can discuss with their customers about new ideas or let them fill in a questionnaire to help them. They can have some competitions online just as Arla did. They have to make sure they are doing a good job and are being liked without being ‘annoying’. So how do companies brand their selves is probably to be there, where the customers are. They are there for their customers; help them if necessary with problems and or difficulties. Let them help the company with creating and innovating new things and let them have an opinion.

Do you have some good examples too? Feel free to share them!








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3 Responses to A success story or not? #Arlaprotein

  1. mikejlemon says:

    Moi Silke! I think Arla is successfully marketing their company. They’ve been enganging their target market in social media platforms such as Instagram for example.

    Developing an Instagram campaign definitely attracts and engages their customers. A similar company that has gone viral online is Nokia. They’ve been developing a campaign known as ‘#2instawithlove’ which promotes Instagram for a Windows application. This hashtag has been passing through online like a mad storm. New advertisements with the hastag have been featured on online banners. I’ve attached a link with an interesting article discussing this new campaign.


  2. mmirck says:

    Yesterday I heard on the Dutch readio that a new police series is about to start. Two actors in that series announced on the radio that you could take a picture (a selfie) with a police man, put in on social media with a particular hashtag and then you could win tickets to attend the premiere. This way they get a lot of attention and free publicity, so social media really works! It makes people active and do something fun, while promoting a particular brand, win-win situation!

  3. suyeonr says:

    Arla do have Interesting promotion with protein quark and social media! I didn’t know it even though i was given protein quark as well. I just knew that is new-product promotion. For companies, using social media brings synergy effect since they can produce products in more efficient way and give opportunity to react to customer’s claim or wants. So they can get loyalty from consumers easier, Moreover, for consumers it works, too. They can get products and services as they wanted and require and communicate about what they want to companies. Even though it requires company lots of efforts,time,and money, using social media for their communication with customers & success is necessary as long as they exists.

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