Branding – you!

What is the image of you in social media? Are you active or distant? What are the channels you are using and how?

Everything you do is part of your brand. How you act in different situations, how you dress up and live your life. The following video sums it all up. What do you think of that?

How would you like to define yourself to the big crowd? You can take a role of partying and enjoying life-type, super-mom, world traveller or correct worker. How important it really is to think about your own brand and what image you give of yourself in social media?

Associations and mental image are the strongest things to build your brand image. It’s not always that you’ll have to make sure that people will remember you. More important is HOW they will remember you. If you give good first impression, there will be positive emotional image of you, instead bad first impression is very difficult to change. Like product brands, the best ones are the ones that are real and have a heart and passion with everything you do. People will notice if you are faking it and not being who you really are.

And finally – what I would say to be my six words describing my own brand? Sweet, calm, stylish, fitness, determined and poetry girl.

What are your six words?


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2 Responses to Branding – you!

  1. camilleleu says:

    First, I really enjoyed your article. Your reasoning was very original. Indeed, the fact that you analyse branding in the perspective of persons and not companies is very interesting. That provides a vision quite different, illustrating what companies do with the image of what people do each day on social medias. Companies and people are trying to express its personality and its values on networks. They wish to broadcast the image to which they correspond, as they want to appear to other people, to the world. And in response to your final question, if I had to choose 6 words that define me, I think that it would be: happy, discreet, sociable, determined, calm and nice.

    • hannakoivukoski says:

      Hey, thanks for your comment! So nice to hear that you liked my post.

      And great that you shared your own six words too 🙂

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