Social media: interactions with customers

Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. These are all examples of social media among so many others. Indeed, according to Ron Jones “Social media essentially is a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online.”

Nowadays companies have understood the interest of social media especially in a competitive environment. Currently, businesses are experimenting with social media marketing, dealing with the question of how to be known from the customers but also from the competitors and how to deliver their message to the target.

Actually, companies want to find tools which distinguish itself from the competitors. Social media are used to create advertisings for example to stay in the memory of consumers.

Today, everything goes faster with Twitter. We can follow live events, answer it, have a dialogue easily … The brands position itself more and more on this social network rapidly expanding to make on it operations so original as successful.


TELUS, a Canadian company of telecommunications, wanted to go even farther by creating, in partnership with WWF, a distributor of cuddly toys which would work with tweets. The distributor was placed in the shopping mall of Vancouver, and distributed freely 3000 cuddly pandas to everyone who tweeted #HomeTweetHome. For every tweet containing this hashtag, TELUS commits to donate $1 to the foundation WWF for the conservation of the pandas.

It is exactly what explains Keller in his theory of Brand Equity Model. The concept behind the Brand Equity Model is simple: in order to build a strong brand, you must identify how customers think and feel about your product. You have to build the right type of experiences around your brand, so that customers have specific, positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions, and perceptions about it. When you have strong brand equity, your customers will buy more from you, they’ll recommend you to other people, they’re more loyal, and you’re less likely to lose them to competitors.


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2 Responses to Social media: interactions with customers

  1. cayuelajimenezalexandre says:

    Hey Celia,

    I read your post about Keller’s theory, it’s a good one, thank you for the example, I didn’t know it. The first thing that go through my mind when I read your example is that they are giving $1 for the conservation of the pandas but in another hand they bought products which could threat the environment and another animal (for example to build a new factories, they have to shave some land so less place for the animals) it’s a vicious circle…

    Anyway, you are speaking about the concept of build a strong brand though identify “how the customers think and feel about your product”, could you give me a concrete example of TELUS goals behind this social media campaign? And how they managed Keller’s Brand Equity Model? Thank you.

    In my opinion, they are mainly playing with “Imagery” and “the feelings” of the consumers, because people will see there a good action which will give a positive image of the company.

    Moreover as you said in the beginning of your post, they are many example of socials Medias and I really think that the companies don’t have to focus in all but focus in some, is more relevant and more efficient, it’s always better to prefer the quality than the quantity. Companies will not be able to be everywhere and have the interest of everybody is better to focus in where you are better and you can take more profit of your presence depending of your target group (Salience according with Keller’s theory).

    In addition I have the feeling that firms will have always to be searching new ways to attract the consumers because more and more companies are using for example Facebook for some competition where if you achieve to have the most like in your page, you won the competition, I have the feeling that people are getting tired of it, they want to talk, share, book online but not always being annoyed by some persons who are asking them to like everything.

    By the way, you spoke of Twitter, i am not in it, do I miss something regarding to business opportunities or company branding examples ?

    I look forward to read you, good evening.

  2. chgenin says:

    Hey Celia,
    You’re totally right when you are talking about experience with customer. How a brand can be in their customers’ mind without experience. I didn’t know about this brand and the interaction that they have created through their operation. Such a great marketing operation, and moreover, it was for a good cause. In this kind of case, it is very good to know that you can contribute to do good things. Beside that, the brand is stick to customers thanks to these samples that they are giving to all of these people. Maybe it can be costly but if if it’s worth the effort so why not ?

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