The Power That Push Us To Buy

We shop what we need. True? Ha of course not. Most of the time, we buy things simply because we are told that we need them. Think about the Apple products. Who will actually come from their mind and think about o I need an iPad or iPod even I already got an iPhone. Those products somehow look different but iPhone already has the similar functions. So why do we still buy them? Answer is obvious. Steve Jobs told us to buy! He told us we need it and he told us it is good! That is the power of social media. That is the power of branding.

steve jobs

Social media includes spread, TV program, advertisement and any online media. Using this medium in a sufficient way will improve the image of a company and also control customers’ mind.


Taken Victoria’s secret as an example, the style or quality of the bras has not much different from any other similar brands in deep. But what it sells is sexy and fantasy. You can see the attracting part of this brand is about the good body, the dream and the sense of humor instead of only the product itself. Through the runway shows, advertisements, video clips or Facebook page, victoria’s secret has built up its unique image comparing the other brands. Then it has the authority to tell their fans what is sexy and what the girls need for the next session. This great influence and market share are gained because the brand set a clear direction and image to the social audience at the beginning and continuously add creativity regarding to this direction. By using the powerful impact from social media, it helps the brand succeed in a faster way.

victoria's secret

There are way too many examples using this method to success, such as Adidas and Chanel. But what is the theory behind this. Well it is simple. According to my observation, these brands do not focus on gaining the largest market share because it is hard to peace all the audience and may probably lose their personality if they become passive. They aim to find out their own difference from other brands and build up their unique images. Then it can catch a specific audience and able to analysis the customers’ personality, consumption ability and style. After that, they will create a product with a unique selling point, like T-shirt bra, classic Chanel No.5 and the superstar shoes. The last and the most important step is to use the social media to introduce and enhance their images to the world. At the end, the audience will accept the knowledge that the brand tell them and buy what the brand tells them to buy. That is the power of branding by using social media in a correct way!

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One Response to The Power That Push Us To Buy

  1. Hi!
    That is all about branding, at the end we buy the image, the logo, the brand and not only the product itself.
    You are true, I am sure we do not need the half of the products we buy (except food of course!)
    I like your example of Apple, we NEED the new I Phone (really?) but that is just because Apple told us we need it. We are programmed, like robots, to buy.
    But, finally, we are aware of this and we know how companies do. We have the choice to buy needed products or not!

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