Brands and Youtubers


YouTube has a strong influence on how brands communicate. They use videos to encourage consumers to share their experience with others. Through this process brands “use” people outside their company to communicate their products.
Thanks to youtube channels, brands and businesses improve their reputation and notoriety and become increasingly present on the web.
Youtube is now considered the largest global trading portal in terms of video.

The relationship between youtubers and brands

Brands send to youtubers products for free. They have the choice to praise in their video or on the contrary, to say their discontent. In this case, the brand may have a positive or negative and therefore create brand awareness or image exposure. It is called sponsored videos. Do you find it unfair, or do you think it is interesting to have an opinion before buying a product? Taking the risk that the youtuber is not truly objective!

After a number of views or subscribers, YouTube can offer a youtuber to be highlighted. Their channel will have more visibility.


It is not necessary to be a partner for having monetized Youtube videos. After a number of views Google Ad Sense contacts the Youtuber in question to propose to host advertisements within their videos  in exchange for remuneration.

Here is a screen shot of a “PewDiePie” video showing his favorite games. This Youtuber has 24 664 327 subscribers on Youtube. You can also see on this picture the ad banner.

youtube banner

Brand community

We can speak about « Brand community ». Muniz and O’Guinn (2001) has defined the concept of brand communities as a “specialized, non-geographically bound community, based on a structured set of social relations among admirers of a brand.”

brand community


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15 Responses to Brands and Youtubers

  1. florachgn says:

    Hi Audrey ! It’s funny to read your article today because a few days ago, I was searching for funny videos and I found one , with a child who just wake up after a surgery, so he was quite high and saying a lot of funny things ! I read the comments under the video, and i saw one, and the father of the child (he made the video) was saying ”thank you” to all the people who watch the video because , Youtube proposed him to put some publicity on his video in exchange of money.
    I would love to find a idea good enough to win money on youtube, i’m going to think about it!

  2. Hello Flora, yes YouTube could be an easy way to gain money because brands are always searching for a good video to promote ! Think of a serious video because you will have more companies interesting looking for a good image 😉

  3. maudkh says:

    Hi Audrey, I agree with you: advertising a brand by choosing a youtuber as an “intermediary” between a company and potential customers can be risky. However, nowadays the youtube community is really vast and popular youtubers became gurus followed by millions of viewers. So I think this indirect advertising -if led cleverly- can help a brand to expand itself and to reach quickly millions of potential customers.

    • Hi Maud,
      That is the word, Youtubers are “intermediary” ! It helps a brand to reach as much customers as possible but also to improve their brand image. That is why a company will choose carefully which youtuber fit the best with the brand image.

  4. emmanuelleh says:

    Hey Audrey,

    It is funny in a way to see how some brand use an other one to promote themself. Because they promote their own brand but also Youtube (which is not their brand). Who would have the idea to promote someone else brand before? This is Youtube’s power.
    This system of monetisation is a good idea from youtube to keep popular “youtuber” on their website and to be the leader.For example daylimotion is not as much popular as it was a long time ago.

    • Hi Emmanuelle,
      I didn’t speak about the competitors but you are right they are definitely the first one! youtube is a brand itself and they know how to keep their popularity.
      thank you for your comment 🙂

  5. Hey, a great observation! I myself was quite surprised when I found out how many youtubers made their living just by making videos. As for brands, I think it’s a perfect way to get the products out there, as well as get the realistic feedback. What’s great with platforms like youtube- they allow for a more fair image of the brand to be reavled.

    • Hey!
      Thank you for your reaction !
      Exactly! We have the opinion of customers, real cusotmers! And this is,for me, the best point of YouTube.
      Some Youtubers became really rich thanks to YouTube and even if you don’t have million views you can easily gain enough to live!
      The problem is now too many people understood this and they all create their own YouTube channel. I think thoose who really gain money are “the first one on YouTube”.

  6. celiarenaud says:

    It’s totally true when you say that YouTube has a strong influence on how brands communicate. YouTube is used to put videos and it encourages consumers to share their experience with others. Brands “use” people outside their company to communicate their products and for me it’s very smart.
    Thanks to youtube, brands improve their reputation and thanks to that, the brands are more present on the web. That’s why Youtube is now considered the largest global trading portal in terms of video.
    It’s a very interesting post !

    • Hi Celia,
      as said in the previous comment that is true YouTube influence the brands communciation.
      It is smart but it can be dangerous if the YouTuber do not like the product and create a bad image for the company…
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  7. gonzahell says:

    Hi Audrey! Interesting post!
    I totally agree with you. The use of video-marketing is growing exponentially. Its combination with social media is creating many opportunities for business. Users have shown a growing interest in the use of this type of content, especially young people, and companies strive to design strategies that marry those interests.

    • Hello Gonza!
      Thanks for sharing your opinion.
      Nowadays most of the companies are looking for new way to communicate and you are right to say taht most of the “intermediates” are young people. I think they tend to use a lot all the social media tools and they become profesionnal!

  8. maelaletorch says:

    Hey Audrey!
    I loved your post and I better understand how does Youtubers get money (has I heard before that some of them win money). I find this concept very good, I mean those person are doing videos for fun because they like doing this and in exchange they can have money or YouTube can offer them to be highlighted.
    About the fact that the Youtubers can do a good or bad publicity for a product or service it is as you said a big risk for a brand.I think but anyway, I think companies have to try because if the video is a success it is thena perfect thing!

    • Hi Maëla!
      The YouTubers are (most of he time) doing videos for fun and they earn money as bonus. How to link your passion and how to earn money.
      You are right if we have to give to companies and advice is to take the risk 🙂

  9. Léna Cornen says:

    Hey Audrey!
    Your article is very interesting! Over the last few years, YouTube has become the most influential video plateform in the world, generating a new form of business for both companies and content creators. Nevertheless, a third protagonist is playing discretely behind the curtain: YouTube Networks.
    Taking into account their impact on Youtubers’ earnings, it could have been interesting to dedicate a paragraph to these actors. It is a rather complex subject that stays pretty opaque for the big majority of YouTube viewers.

    That’s just an additional axis 😉 Good job!

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