Anthon Berg ‘The generous store campaign’

Personality is become strong point among the companies as Today’s society is changing fast and more variously. Brands have to be remembered and to be survived as conspicuous personality to the public. David. A. Aaker defined ‘Brand Personality’ is that “the way a consumer perceives the brand on the personality of a man to conceive.” and “human traits linked with brands. ”

Brand personality can create a stronger brand: 1) create a self-expressive benefit that becomes a vehicle for customers to express their own personalities; 2) form the basis of a relationship between customers and the brand (in the same way human personalities affect relationships between people); and 3) help communicate a product attribute and thus, contribute to a functional benefit.

To take place in customers heart, brands need their own differentiated personality. For instanse, GUESS and Calvin Klein, both are selling jeans but the guess stands out femininity, sexual appeal than Calvin Klein enhancing chic and modern style.

Here is interesting example. Anthon Berg chocolate company in Denmark, carried marketing strategy out successfully to clarify their own brand personality using social media.

– The Generous store campaign –

“If you’re do something good, we’ll give you the chocolate”

Anthon Berg had campaigned to communicate the message that If more people show their generosity to others, the society is getting more warmer. Generous store campaign selled chocolates through pop-up stores, the customers can get it by promising do something good for a week instead of paying cash or credit card. After promising on the facebook publicly, then they can get chocolates in reward for their effort.


When they promise right away should take participated in some kind of event, it makes the customers to visit Anthon’s website periodically. Also, people use social media to show their achievement, so that Anthon Berg chocolate is promoted naturally in SNS. It makes ‘Good deed’ be connected to Anthon Berg’s brand personality.


About a hundred thousand people dropped by the Generous store and received over 150,000 Facebook feedback for 24hours. More than giving the chocolates, it was very effective way to improve brand personality for Anthon Berg and creative social media branding strategy with small contribution for the better society.

Like this, Anthon Berg’s successful campaign brought about effective viral marketing through the SNS feedback

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2 Responses to Anthon Berg ‘The generous store campaign’

  1. neapitka says:

    Really nice text:) And I think these kind of campaigns are so successful. People will remember it forever and it leaves strong message about brands values. This might be new way to create a stronger brand. Similar campaign were driven at last Christmas carried out by some airplane company with Christmas presents. It was amazing.. I think there didn’t save any tears:)

  2. suyeonr says:

    Thank you for useful blog post for learning what is branding in social media. You found lots of nice examples that shows how brands would get their brand personalities. Also I agree with the importance of differentiation since I think it is one of the most important factors as to branding like I wrote in my post as well. Even if it is not involved with the product directly, company should come up with something different than any others like Anthon Berg’s case. I really impressed their campaign and thought that is why most companies keep trying to do social contributions as much as they can.

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