Brick stores are out – old farts confused, youngsters keep on surfing

Max, you represent a younger and a lazier generation. I hate to admit, but I would need some advice. I purchase all things I need from physical stores. I am old (born only 17 years after The Big Bang Bang) and ossified in the habits of consuming – but no longer. If around 85% of people go for online shopping, I really do not want to be in the minority. I want to follow the trend of consuming behavior and buy everything online. I just do not know what in this world should I buy and from whom. If I do not walk to my favorite store, who will sell (pronounced: tell me what to buy) me things I do not need. Any ideas?

Wake up, Jari! You’re so out of date! It will be either a blogger, or social media that influence your decisions by giving recommendations and showing adverts. Traditional sales personnel seems to be vanishing slowly but surely. The web wonderland isn’t so frightening, as many might think. There are loads of comparisons and test evaluations about, for example, electronics. So, you can sit on your couch and get a pretty good impression about products you’re interested in. Few thoughts though – you need to be flexible with delivery times – and don’t expect to get manuals in your own language. If this sounds reasonable, don’t hesitate to start banging your credit card. How come you only invent this just now, are your hip troubles preventing normal shopping?

You got that right, Max. Brick stores have vanished or their assortment has dried so that I can not find anything to buy. OK – milk or rye bread sure. In fact, even a good old-fashion rye loaf has faced an extinction in enormous hypermarkets. Do I have to fish it with the net? If you hate information technology and will decide to never shop online – how can you buy goods you need? Even the traditional Anttila department store is not sending you postal catalogues like in the good old times. Should this buyer group settle to decreasing selections and drag their bones farther than what they are used to. How can they go online, when the equipment they need to go online, is only sold online? Lose – Lose situation.


Definitely, JayJay. In fact, You get your piece of bread from the web anytime you want. Believe it or not, you can combine your whole grocery store shopping cart online. You may also go and collect them from pick up desk.  By adding a couple coins more, you can define a suitable time frame and get things to your door, carried by courier. Handy or what? It’s hard to imagine how small shops could compete against web revolution. People today value greatly the feeling that you control your own life and make your own decisions and choices. That challenges also marketing. You probably won’t have your mail box full of paper adverts. Advertising in web is faster, more effective, cheaper, and reach more people. You don’t need to get the exact product on your hands. You just entertain yourself with 3D-panorama exhibitions from your display. People will be buying pictures and mental images. And what we haven’t seen yet? I, in my late 30s, can’t even imagine, or dare.

Jari – with one foot in the grave & Max – a bit younger rebel

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3 Responses to Brick stores are out – old farts confused, youngsters keep on surfing

  1. hannamyllymaki says:

    Jari, don’t worry. this blog makes it seem that change would happen instantly. However, to me it seems clear that change will be gradual and most people will probably find it easy to adapt to it.

    Even though I think you guys are over hyping net stores. There might be some truth to that. Sometimes I also find it hard to find some specialty items or they might be too far away from my home.

  2. sonjahagelberg says:

    Imagine Jari how you can shop your groceries online and just pick them up at the store without having the trouble to go find the products off the shelves yourself. Talk about saving time and energy! I would rather have my shopping list done in advance and have the items ready picked for me when I go shopping 🙂

    Most people still like to shop their groceries the olf fashion way, but I say; give the new technology and innovations a chance. You might grow in liking it after all 🙂

  3. Eija Lappalainen says:

    Well, we are on the top of the wave right now and don`t know, what happens tomorrow. Maybe this high hype goes over and stores, who have possibility to offer services in many ways are winners. I think that e.g. food stores does not disappear anywhere. It mayby takes couple of year, and after that we need again face to face service and love to do shopping in real stores.

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