The new era of branding

Nowadays we are in a 2.0 environment in which all marketing strategies go through your network. Branding or creating a brand image is essential for all types of companies and social networks are a good ally for the projection. Naming, corporate identity, positioning, brand loyalty and brand architecture are necessary.

Currently it is not enough to resort to traditional media such as radio, television and print media To position a brand it a must evolve and move to the Internet platform and tools that we offer as blogs, photoblogs, microblogs, social networks… in general, any platform that allows users to share information. The various digital and social web platforms give new ways to develop their brand image and presence, without the need to invest large amounts of capital in addition to the possibility of involving the audience in the process.

In 2010 came the boom of social networks in the world and the most innovative companies included these media in their marketing mix strategies, 8 out of 10 companies used social networks for branding. Then small and medium enterprises began their journey in these networks.

The entry of entrepreneurs and business involved in forming an interest in the sale reach very directly, reducing intermediate strategies (branding, innovation, loyalty, online reputation, etc..). But the truth is that today, social networks remain an elusive land for pure and simple sales. Big brands are betting on the branding, and small and medium enterprises that succeed are those that also follow this path.

 Brands are symbols. So must have values ​​and associated features, but must transmit a complex shape. Simplifying the brand and make it too understandable or manufactured can be a problem.

 Users rebuild the brand on social networks with their comments, reviews and sharing content. Over time companies are more aware of the opportunity and they create open content, thus seeking an interaction in which the user brings his vision and helps to build that image.

An example is this publication of “Mahou” in Facebook in which users are invited to create a headline that appears in the picture. In one hour, it generated hundreds of positive interactions with the brand.

Even the situations in which users are asked to upload pictures, create such situations where the brand is reconstructed through participation, and in the same process also creates its identity.

Do you know any other  strategy of branding? What do you think would be the most important element in the process of creating a brand?


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6 Responses to The new era of branding

  1. florachgn says:

    Hi Gonza ! I agree with you , currently if a brand wants to be different from its competitors it needs to find new ways of reaching customers ! And as I explain in my post about redbull, now they need to involve consumers, in order to be sure that they are going to be loyal to the brand ! Mahou and Volkswagen are great exemples of news strategies used by brands ! Those strategies are evolving very fast, i can not imagin how it will be in 20 years…

  2. gonzahell says:

    Thanks for your comment Flora!
    Yes I tottaly agree with you. Social media is evolving at an incredible pace, and I can not imagine how it will be in 20 years or even earlier.

  3. maelaletorch says:

    Hey Gonza!
    I find that your post really reflect the reality. I mean for me it seems impossible now that a brand does not have its Facebook page or a Twitter account. In my opinion at least a brand must have a Facebook page as a great part of the world is connected to this social media. It is one of the best way to communicate, exchange with consumers and to have their opinion. I really think that social media are a part of the process of creating a brand.

  4. rossibaptiste says:

    Hola hombre !

    I totally agree that nowadays social media are included in our lifestyle and we cannot change that trend even if we would. Some of my friends quit Facebook because it wasted their time too much but at least it much more difficult for them to share or discuss with their friends and even be aware of different events coming up. At least that the same between businesses and customers, as Facebook or Twitter are ones of the most famous social media in the world, companies have to be there because that where the “market” is and that the way to promote, advertise and attract people to them for few costs…

    Thanks for the article!

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  6. pvcris says:

    I agree with you! nowadays branding is becoming more and more important, it’s not just about selling products and try to give a nice image, its about engaging people, creating a “family” and something that consumers can rely on; that’s why social media is so important for that. The fact that almost everyone has some kind of media display or device makes people more likely to see what’s going on through the computer than tv, and it’s an important tool to atract new consumers and mantaining the old ones. The interaction between brand and customers make the process more “real”, like having a conversation where the firm takes into account your thoughts and feelings, listening , and reacting in that sense. This gives brands the opportunity to know better the interest and solve the problems of consumers, so they can feel as part of the brand.

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