Who wins, the cheapest or the most ecologic?

Economic downturn has now been whipping us Europeans about six years. First it was a dip, then a double dip and now it seems that there is not going to be any rapid growth to fix our stumbling markets. Germany seems to be the only exception to this rule and there are many who think it is because of their strong heavy industry. The nation must be exporting goods which some other nations are willing to import for them to increase their GDP.

It has been a long trend to transfer the heavy industry away from Europe and into APAC. While the profits might have been good for a while for the western companies, there has been one clear loser. And that’s the environment. It is easy for us western citizens to turn our heads away as the skies in Europe are not, anymore, filled with smoke. Yet we all are shocked to hear how bad the pollution situation is in the big Asian cities like Beijing and the likes.

There is no silver bullet to solve this and it will take a lot more than one blog to fix, but one should try something, right 🙂

Imagine an economic landscape in Europe where a sentence like, made in Finland or made in France, would again mean something greater than the cheapest possible price. Would you pay extra euros of that oh so precious new electronic toy? Given it was manufactured close to you in a production plant that has not only the means, but also the economics to care for the environment too?

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One Response to Who wins, the cheapest or the most ecologic?

  1. hannamyllymaki says:

    That all sounds way too wonderful if that kind of and economy could work. Young people could be more aware of the ecological decisions we make but to me it seems that people who actually spend most of the money don’t really care about ecological facts.

    For example if your friend buys a new car and people compliment him about his purchase you seldom hear anyone commenting about the mileage it can’t get (exept maybe from some youngster). And mileage is usually only mentioned when people talk about if they have the money to actually drive it.

    Maybe in the future people’s mentality will chance so much that your noble ideals will come true.

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