Apple or how to ignore the social media?

Nowadays, the social media is part of our life. Indeed, one out of five people are daily using social media. Companies can’t neglect social media and have to integrate them in order to stay into customers’ mind. Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest are targeted by companies. Through social media, companies can directly have feed-back of some products, of some services they propose, but social media can also dishonor the reputation of a brand.


Nearly every company you can name has filled its product pages with share icons from Facebook, Twitter, and in some cases Pinterest, but Apple doesn’t have any. Why is Apple absent from social media? How can Apple succeed without using the actual tendency, using social media? We can venture different hypothesis:

–       Apple wants to control its image: it is clear that one challenge of companies in the social media is to expose their image in a new canal “user-centric”; focused on the user and enriched by the user. For a company as Apple which wants to keep the control of its image, it is obviously complicated.

–       Apple wants to propose a unified user experience: one of the Apple’s wishes is to propose to its customers a unified user experience, whether it is in shops or on the web. Each shop which are selling Apple products have to follow some rules. Apple section in a shop is immediately identifiable and comprise the same colors codes, the same design etc. On the web, customers have to go through Apple’s website which is an example of simplicity. But, being positioned as a brand on Facebook or Twitter involves an important numbers of ergonomics concessions, graphics and functional that Apple is not ready to do.

–       Finally, Apple wants to master its communication: the social media obligate brands to shake up their habits, defining a new editorial policy and encouraging the exchange with the users and the affinity around their products. So many trails that Apple doesn’t want to follow.

You could say that Apple’s social media strategy is to create great products, and let people talking to each other about Apple’s products. Apple isn’t known for its transparency: the buzz that precedes a major product launch is fuelled by rumour, not by any official marketing communications. The lack of official communication helps to build the hype.


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7 Responses to Apple or how to ignore the social media?

  1. maelaletorch says:

    Hi Jules!

    I really liked to read your post because I have found it very inetresting! In fect you are very true and I have never paid attention before that Apple is not using that much social media. I thing the explaination you provide is a really good one. I am very surprise and I also find very crazy that they do not use at least Facebook that is a really good way of communication but if their strategy works that is good.

  2. camilleleu says:

    Hey! Your post is very interesting. I had never really thought about the presence of Apple in social medias, neither noted the fact that the company is almost absent on these network. Actually, I think that it is because that do not surprised me from this brand. Indeed, Apple has accustomed us to always differentiate themselves from other brands, both in its innovative products and in the way of promoting. They are positioned on a market of high quality. I think that their strategy is in agreement with the fact that they do not want to communicate too easily on social networks where “all brands”, even the most basics are already competing and thus become almost invisible… To like a Facebook page for example, does not mean a lot for users nowadays. I think Apple, once again, shows its capacity to differentiate themselves from others, looking away and continue to develop a coherent strategy: its strength for years. Yes, I really love Apple products but I admire its strategy too, the reason of its success…

  3. maudkh says:

    Hi Jules, you highlighted a really interesting fact. I’ve never realized Apple’s lack of presence on social medias. This is truly a way to differentiate itself. In my opinion, this strategy is a clever move from the firm. The brand is already in people’s mind. Not having official pages on social medias shows that the brand doesn’t need to follow the trend. It does not need to do like everyone. Apple do it its own way. And it works: Apple was amongst the 20th world’s favorite brands (for consumers) in 2013, according to a ranking from the consulting firm Siegel+Gale.

  4. Hello my dear Jules ,

    It is actually true when we think about it Apple doesn’t have any presence on the social sphere. However, as you said do they really need one, or they want to differentiate them from others? Either way I think both are true; but I would rather say that Apple want to differentiate themselves from others.
    You can notice it in their products range , they are well-shaped, designed, kind of unique and that is probably what they are looking for in their communication strategy.

  5. florachgn says:

    Hi Jules !
    Indeed Apple is not using social media a lot. I think for now they dont really need it, and I dont know a lot of brand, which can say that they are succesfull without social media. As you mentioned, people feedback on Apple’s product are generally positive, then it generates a positive world of mouth and it encourages people to buy Apple’s product.
    If in the future , Apple suffers an important crisis, I would to know how the brand with their react, perhaps they will start to really act through social media ….

  6. ramintaaukstuolyte says:


    When looking at other posts yours stands out with an opposite point of view.
    Apple truly is a company with unique strategies for everything what they do. I believe that the steps which they are taking in terms of advertising, brand building would be difficult to fill in for another organisation. It takes a lot of work to create such a strong name for yourself so that interaction on social media would not be necessary to keep your customers interested and entertained. Apple is a definition of “DIFFERENT”, they have their ups and downs but most of the decision made by the company are unique.
    I think that with the improvements of technology and the changes in trends Apple will get more involved in social media than they do now. Maybe not as much as the others but to a certain extent. However, I strongly believe that no matter what they do the strategy for showing the interest in their customers will be unique.

  7. rossibaptiste says:

    Hello Ponpon,

    Your post is definitely enlightening me more on the Apple company. This company totally understood the brand equity and the way to make simple things as attractive as they are. Throughout clear and relevant messages, people give their trust the brand and we can definitely see that Apple is seen such as a “religion” for some of them which is really suprising when thinking that a company -nothing spiritual- could be seen like that !

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