Just do it

I do not think that it is necessary for me to put the name of the brand next to this title.

That is what branding is all about. A successful strategy allows company to create a historical personality for its brand. What NIKE does can be called an exceptional level of understanding its audience/customer and the value of the product.

By using the emotional/ heroism appeal as its advertising technique NIKE not only becomes a winner but it also inspires others to be one. According to the emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell ( http://602communications.com/2013/02/nike-brand-strategy-emotional-branding-using-the-story-of-heroism/) NIKE sets an example for all the other companies on how to build brand loyalty and make their product appealing to everyone.

Since social media plays a massive role in our everyday routines it gives NIKE an opportunity to build communities and interact with its customers faster than anyone could have ever imagined.

NIKE communities

It also allows NIKE to spread the word or make a difference in the consumers’ decision making process. Their message is to stop looking for excuses and make a difference not for anyone else but ourselves. (I personally think that NIKE creates a different perspective and shapes different attitudes in us as individuals. We are the MOVING generation.)

By using social media to always be there when a person needs motivation NIKE became a brand with a positive attitude. People look at it as a motivator to aim and achieve high.

 ”JUST DO IT” is considered to be one of the most successful campaigns. The most important element of it is that NIKE sets an example for all of the followers by DOING IT THEMSELVES. They try to reach as many people as they can and be not only noticed by everyone but also heard. For NIKE social media is the best way of building brand loyalty. They are an example and a model of how you make your brand- Top Brand.







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6 Responses to Just do it

  1. chgenin says:

    I really liked your post about Nike. We all know Nike. But as you said it is not just about a brand, and a sport brand. It’s more than that and it is well integrated in our mind. It is absolutely true that their aim it’s to touch us, to get our emotional sense. Social media is well adapted to their strategy to be close to their customer and even to speak with them thanks to your example of their twitter account. It is very hard to reach the level of integration that they have reached over the years.
    I’m fascinated to see how well their are doing. Sport is not for everyone, but they succeed to touch EVERYBODY. Everybody is felling concerned when they interact with us. We don’t feel alone. Even when you want to go for a run, NIKE is here to motivate you, to push you, to compare with your friend, to create good competition.
    That’s what I like about NIKE and for me it was not possible to forget Nike in the way they use social media to build and reinforce their brand.

  2. julesponsolle says:

    Thank you for this post which is really well done. I know that’s the topic is Branding in social media but what about Nike before the arrival of the social media? Since 25 years, they are using this slogan: “just do it”. According to me, the success of Nike is its manner to celebrate, promote the brand (through events/adverts). It’s exactly the use of “the emotional/heroism” appeal (you mentioned in your article) which has done the success of the brand. For years, Nike has always worked with this capacity to highlight some emblematic athletes. Young and old people have as references their idol and finally the brand becomes part of their heroes.
    For instance: if you like tennis:
    1. “Federer is good player, humble and having values”
    2. “Federer is sponsored by Nike”.
    3. You will “trust” the brand thanks to the Federer’s image.
    This reasoning looks a bit childish but finally, I’m almost sure than some people are thinking like this.
    Without social media Nike is “legen (wait for it) dary…” Even if, you are not doing sports, by seeing just their adverts (with some famous athletes) you fancy following them and the brand in the same time…

  3. gonzahell says:

    Interesting post and really interesting video! I didn’t hear about this new campaign of Nike “Possibilities”. The video is played by several sports stars such as Lebron James, Gerard Pique or Serena Williams and tries to inspire anyone to find its limits. Besides this, Nike has released an interesting strategy through Nike + Running and Nike Fuel. From 13th of August to 20th of September of 2013, runners using the Nike + Running app could record their kilometers on Nike + and share in social networks to gain the experience of a life running as a team member in the Nike Free Run concept. Thanks to this, nowadays, the digital Nike + community has more than 18 million members worldwide who share their activities in the social media.
    Is enriching learning new strategies from such known companies as Nike.

  4. I think you by featuring Nike in your post you have shown one of the most famous brands in social media. What most of us, potential customers, are looking for in using social media is motivation and an ideal to struggle to. People like Nike beacause of the associations it creates in their minds and associations other people have when they see you wearing Nike clothes. I guess it is very important for both showing your personality and being part of the global community. Such personal appeal a Nike brand has on its customers is an important part of their brand value.

  5. pvcris says:

    Interesting post! That’s right, Nike has always been able to go beyond and create a brand at a time where now customers are the ones that make the real promotion of companies. Social media plays an important role for it since most of the Nike customers are young people, so the brand knows is the best way to reach them. Nike use this mean wisely, constantly interacting with them and creating big events to keep positioning in their minds. The brand encourage its customers to go further and believe everything is possible, and they do.

  6. sophiscam says:

    Thanks! This post gave something more to think about. The marketing is something I think Nike is very good at – linking themselves to heroes – even with their own name Nike to the goddess of victory. Furthermore with their ‘Just do it’ is a great way just to push people to just do it – kind of in a way of ‘what’s stopping you?’ question.
    Nike’s presence in social media has been something I’ve been following and it’s something different to other brands – they have all the apps (e.g. with training and running) as well which again focuses and encourages their followers to ‘Just do it.’ Thank you!

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