One good strategy = million of customers

Focus2Grow( is a company about advising and supporting sales and marketing strategy. They point out problems and find the right way for their clients. These experts brought effectiveness and made a real change thank to their quick-thinking way and feedback from buyers. Nowadays, people tend to a higher standard and selection when going shopping. We choose wisely and have more considerations. Focus2Grow graphs the way modern customers think and it reflects pretty well every steps leading to a decision. Understanding this, companies could start to have a good sale and marketing strategy to attract people.


The fact is, learning from failure is a good way since not everyone could start own businesses flawlessly at the first time. One good example: Henry Ford with a successful American-made cars story. He learnt a lot of things from 5 different failures and came up with a right direction leading to his legacy today. It is a game of 50-50 and your future success depends on how much you understand buyers, it is easy for them to walk pass your brand everyday but it is hard to make them remember it.


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