When Disney makes dream through the social media


There is probably no one who does not know Disney or have not seen one of the hundred cartoons that the company made. This company of cartoons and movies went through generation as it was created in 1923. And even if it is a kind of “old company” it always succeed to provide a magical image and still make children, and some adults, dreaming. In the last years we can observe that Disney developed links with its fans and try to provide, as possible, the magic through the different social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

If we take the theory of Keller, Disney has developed its identity during all the past years and everyone, in almost all the world, knows this brand. The company has created its image around the fairy and the magic world and now when people are talking about Disney they associate the brand to this. Disney succeeds in all this points, but now they want, thanks to the social media, to have a link with the consumers.

The use of social medias is a success, the presence of Disney on social media is very well working; they have a lot of followers:
—-●Facebook – 46 595 637 followers
—-●Twitter – 3 565 550 followers
—-●Instagram – 477 000 followers
—-●YouTube – 181 716 followers

The last idea of Disney was to create a Facebook page and a Twitter account for some of the characters of its cartoons. That was a good idea it made a lot of fans very happy to have the possibility to follow their favorite character, there are about 21 Facebook pages as Captain Hook, Cruella, Mickey Mouse, Bob Razowsky, Buzz, Nemo, Tiana, Stitch, etc…

Here is an example of the Facebook page of Mickey Mouse:

Mickey - Google Chrome 15032014 130647

On their Instagram, Disney posts everyday one picture or more that permits to the fans to follow the activities, the events or the things that are happening in the parks in a very closely way.

Disney is using all the social media possible to be close to their consumers and to try to provide beautiful dreams, good feelings, and magic. They post everyday medias as pictures, short videos, quotations, etc… As long as they will show enthusiasm, happiness, fairy and share thing on their social media they will continue to make people dreaming and loving what the brand is.

Disney - Google Chrome 15032014 132233






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11 Responses to When Disney makes dream through the social media

  1. yngchern says:

    Disney’s story telling is almost timeless, and their company branding plays on people’s nostalgic tendencies. More importantly, they have not forgotten about the parents. I find your blog post interesting because it seems to tie into our pingviini project in some ways. It’s no surprise that disney is able to lure masses of devoted families into their theme parks, cruise ships and retail stores every year. Even though they are an organization who target children, they’ve successfully captured the parents on social media and have been able to reach the young generations through the people who are actually buying the products, the parents.

    • maelaletorch says:

      I totally agree with your post about the fact that even the adults stay involved in the Disney trend, that I also think will last for very long time. So as I said, as social media are used by any kind of person, even the adults can stay connected to Disney. And I really think that social media are a good oprtunity for Disney.

  2. celiarenaud says:

    Disney is very well known from everyone but they have to use social media to be present in the memories of the consumers. As Keller explains: you have to build the right type of experiences around your brand, so that customers have specific, positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions, and perceptions about it. It is exactly what Disney does by using all the social media possible to be close to their consumers and to let an unforgettable experience in the head of the consumers. They post very often medias as pictures, short videos … They will continue to make people dreaming thanks the social media. And Disney manages very well the fact of targeting children but also parents. They reach the young generation of children and teenagers but also the people who buy Disney products, in other words, the parents.
    It’s an interesting post because we understand the important role of the social media nowadays to build strong experiences around a brand in order to stay in the memories of the consumers.

  3. ramintaaukstuolyte says:

    I loved reading about Disney since I am one of those people who grew up watching it. I imagine Disney being a brand which is still growing and adopting new technologies as well as new ways of communication the same way as we do. Social media in their case helps to widen their audience and makes the relationship more personal. Thus, we are able to follow and admire it in every step of the way.
    The most important thing which changed through out the years is that Disney is not only for children any more. Their interaction through social media connects teenagers, adults and families together. They created new “Disney culture” which we really enjoy and develop. In my opinion, this is just the beginning for them and with the work that Disney does the brand will be able to establish in further generations as well.

  4. julesponsolle says:

    Nowadays, each person knows Disney: because of their cartoons or of the amusement park. According to me, Disney doesn’t really need to communicate. People grew with it and it is an entire part of their life. Disney is using perfectly how to remind you the time spending front of their cartoons and they are appealing to your emotion. People have so many positive memories concerning Disney that they keep watching them no matter their age; during some minutes, they just want to bring back their childhood. Disney can’t disappear in the future because of the happiness it procures to people.

  5. silkema says:

    Jeeej Disney! When I saw Disney in the name of this post I had to read it, when i was a younger I absoluteIy loved Disney. Since Social media was not very popular at that time, I never experienced Disney in social media. I can imagine that for the younger generation now this is very nice. Disney is then so close to them, Disney is trying to interact with the kids through Social media it is no longer only a movie and or cartoon. Since Disney is already popular for centuries and almost everybody knows it, it is for them not important to create brand awareness through social media but create a whole new experience for the younger generations and fans. I think Disney is doing a really good job through social media but what else could you except it is and stays Disney.

    • maelaletorch says:

      Hi Silke! Thanks for your comment! As you said, yes it is good for Disney that social media exist because they are now really much more close to their consumers and that includes the children. I find this entertaining for them to be alowed to follow their favorite character via Facebook or Twitter. I wish I could have done the same at the same age!

  6. gonzahell says:

    It’s really nice to read about Disney because, as Raminta said, I have grown watching their cartoons as well.
    Disney is a tremendously large company that has carved a niche in the collective imagination of generations. But not enough to be called “Disney” to succeed in social networks.
    Last year I had to make a research on strategies for Disney. The social media strategy is far more complicated than that of other companies. This is an on-line strategy that must be present 365 days a year.
    The move was great. One of the areas that are enabling growth in social networks comes from their new area of ​​digital publications. And, if this were not enough, the company has also been introduced in the field of digital comic. Now that the company also owns Marvel, the opportunity to connect with people of nearly every age has increased considerably.

    • maelaletorch says:

      Hey Gonza!
      First of all thank you very much for your comment as I did not know that Disney has been introduced in the field of digital comicand that they owns Marvel. That a really good thing for them definitely!
      Then I agree that it can be harder for Disney to use social media as in their strategy the goal is to post things everyday and at the same moment that the thing are happening. They always have to stay tuned and it may can be difficult to hold that.

  7. Hello Maela !
    I really liked you article and have made me feel back to childhood for a while 🙂
    It was a clever idea that had the brand to picture and customize their social media pages with characters from cartoons. Indeed, it makes the customers feel back into their memories and obviously they always link Mikey, Daisy and others to the brand Disney.

  8. rikupetseppala says:

    I agree with you and some other commenters that most of the people know Disney.
    Disney’s history goes back almost a hundred years whereas the social media has become popular during the last ten years. It was nice to notice from your article that the old company has taken over the social media so well.
    Disney has a strong brand and most of the people has a certain opinion of it. When going through Disney’s different social media platforms it is possible to notice that via those channels Disney has communicated really well the fairy and magic which are often connected to Disney. Disney is a good example of brand with a well promoted identity because they have done a good job promoting their values such as family, happiness and dreams.

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