An efficient use of social medias for a better understanding of the customer

pauline   Social medias are now part of our daily life, not only for interacting with people but also for businesses.  Indeed, it helps brands to create their own network, express their needs and share their sights with what we call “the followers”.

It is mainly to announce news and events for services and to promote and post offers for the products. It can either be videos, articles, music but it has to be regular to keep the customers entertain, it means being constantly updating new post on all their social media platforms.

It is an opportunity to give to the business this accessibility that will helps them to know more about consumers needs and might avoid mistakes.

If used correctly, social media can do wonders for a business reputation and credibility into the customer’s mind.

But what are exactly the best ways to engage customers on social media networks?

There is not an exact way applicable to every types of business but there are few things that can be followed. If well managed it will help the business to gain attraction and start interaction and conversation in the social world.


  • Be easy to find and to follow

You have to pay attention to the visual aspect of your profile. Indeed, it is very important to make sure that you catch the people’s attention. On the internet you can skip from one page to another in only one click so make sure your Twitter,Facebook icons are visible and big enough. It will make it easier for customers to like the page.

  • Listen to your followers to find out what they are looking for

It goes by reading their posts and comments on Facebook or Twitter page, but also watch what people are saying about the brand, the competitors. Indeed, it is very important to know what the followers think about the business’s competitors, in that way they will know what they have or don’t have to do that competitors already do.

  • Ask questions to start interaction

Obviously, don’t post questions only because you have to post something, think about it, post a real question that will helps the business to get answers and explanations of what the consumers are looking for or expected.

  • Answering consumers’ questions

Always answering the questions that have been asked, even if you don’t actually know the answer it is always important to show that you mind and that you pay attention to the followers. If a follower feel that you care about him and make him feel important, you’ll have more chance to turn him into a current customer.

  • If complaint or criticism, take is as an opportunity

People won’t always agree with you and sometimes will complain or criticize. It is not a fail, take is as an opportunity to improve or to fix something, and customers will like it and will notice that you actually care about them.



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5 Responses to An efficient use of social medias for a better understanding of the customer

  1. KiHoonKim says:

    Your post is very interesting!
    Nowadays, people’s interests are very diverse. For example, in the case of mobile phone, some people focus on the design, and some people focus on the features, and some people focus on the price. Therefore, it is really hard to meet all the customers according to their interests. Once the brand image are settled in people’s head, it is hard to change this perception. For example, people think about “Made in China” product is unreliable and low quality. So, the well-differentiated strategies are needed. As you mentioned, by using social media, Companies can see what customers want. social media can make it possible interactive communication between companies and customers.

  2. maelaletorch says:

    Hey Pauline!
    I really liked your post and I find it very interesting!
    I think that the 5 points you mentioned are very true and really reflect what a brand should do with social medias, there are like “good advices”. I totally agree on the last point about the criticism. In my opinion social media are a good opportunity for brands to better understand what the consumer is looking for and for that they have to take in consideration their point of view. The point number four seems, to me, important also because it permits to the brand to be more close to its consumers or fans.

  3. petrilau says:

    This has some very good insights.
    Though this may no longer be the case, or at least it is probably on the downturn, companies have viewed social media as something that they simply “must be a part of” with little regard to the efficiency of their approach. The 5 points you bring up give a very good outline for any social media approach a company might want to employ, especially the last one about criticism. Kudos!

  4. ramintaaukstuolyte says:


    I have to say that this was one of the easiest to read posts. I think that it sums up the most important steps companies take when entering the world of social media. I believe that elements which you have mentioned are the core ones when either an individual or a brand aims for success or recognition in social media.
    I agree that it is fundamental to focus not only on what you as an account user have to say but also to react what your followers have to say. Furthermore, how they interact not only with you but also with your competitors/other users. This strategy would be significant when building a brand identity or or a name for the brand since it gives you the insight on what changes are required from the company/ an individual to grow.

  5. jjniilola says:

    Hi Pauline, you’ve listed well the core topics to follow when the brand enter to the social media.
    But as Petri points out the social media is handled as a must in many enterprises and they do not have a real strategy nor dedicated resources to maintain active role in social media they have entered in. This a sad when there really is a great potential for the business when everything is well managed.

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