Brand Positioning and Marimekko

Brand positioning is important but what does it actually mean. Brand positioning can mean many things but Kotler has defined it in terms of enabling a brand to occupy a distinct and valued place in the mind of the target consumer. Brand positioning works hand in hand with brand awareness and brand attitude. The goal of brand awareness is to create a connection between the brand and the need so when a consumer has a need of a product he will think first about a certain brand’s product. Brand attitude is about creating a link between the brand and the benefits from it.

Creating brand awareness is done via marketing communication and advertising. Nowadays marketing and advertising has gone a lot in social media because also the possible customers are there. Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are an important channels for companies to connect with their target consumers and promote their brand.

Although social media is not as direct marketing as traditional media social media plays a big role creating the brand awareness. Social media has created new challenges to the companies and some companies have succeeded in it and some not. Good example of well executed social media activism is a Finnish company Marimekko. Marimekko has their own Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. The company is active with in those platforms and posts there frequently.  By being active in various social media platforms the company can increase their brand awareness which hopefully positions their brand in a better place in the customers’ minds.  

Brand attitude is also possible to communicate in social media. When the company has chosen its main benefits that it emphasizes it is possible to convey them to the customers via different social media platforms. For example Marimekko shares fashion magazine articles about Marimekko on their Facebook page and by doing that Marimekko shows how the brand is valued and also to customer can gain part of that value by buying Marimekko.

The way company uses their social media platforms is also important. First of all they need to be active and response to the customers’ actions e.g. by answering questions. Secondly it is also important to have a strategy how to use the social media and what is the goal of it.  For example Marimekko mainly posts about their new products which supports the brand awareness because by showing what they have to offer Marimekko creates the need factor which is needed in when creating brand awareness. 


Rosenbaum-Elliot, R.,Percy, L., Pervan, S., 2007.  Strategic Brand Management. 2nd ed. Oxford:Oxford University Press.

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5 Responses to Brand Positioning and Marimekko

  1. Lilly says:

    Hey, I really enjoyed your blog post because I like it when business theory is applied to Finnish brands such as Marimekko. Mostly people apply them on well-known companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and so on, which bores me quite often. I recently had a quick look at Marimekko’s Instagram account and I am of the opinion that they are doing a good job: 11,793 followers is not an impressive number but still a good starting point! What kind of values do they represent exactly? I would guess it mainly consists of being unconventional because the clothes look very crazy and creative!

    • rikupetseppala says:

      Hi Lilly,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that a bit under 12,000 followers for Marimekko is a good start but I also believe that they can do better.
      I looked more closely to the Marimekkos values and your guess about unconvetional was quite correct. One of Merimekko’s values is to be bold and not to worry about the possible failure that some new print etc. might cause. One other important value that Marimekko presents is that people should live for themselves not for others and this also reflects what people wear and what they feel like wearing; not to concentrate so much on what’s in in fashion and what’s not rather wear what you feel like wearing. I think this is very well shown in Marimekkos prints because they are not so called main stream fashion prints.

  2. ninastefani says:

    Hello Riku,
    Choosing a fashion brand to talk about brand awareness and positioning through social media is very pertinant. Indeed, “fashion fans” are extremly present on social networks as facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram as you said, but also on blogs and special fashion platforms such as lookbook. Refearing to this other post, we can see how fashion bloggers influe on the brand image and awareness and so, why it is so important for fashion brands to by proactive on internet networks :

  3. sophiscam says:

    Hi Riku thanks for the post!

    When thinking about how Marimekko as a brand and how it has positioned itself in the Finnish market adjectives like colourful and different come in to my mind. It seems as though Marimekko wants to bring out the quirky personality through it’s design, it however seems to be doing the same thing as other companies in regards on what is done in the social media. What and how do you think Marimekko should gain more brand awareness but still staying true to their brand and keeping their brand position?

    Thank you 🙂

    • rikupetseppala says:

      Hi Sophie, thank you for your comment.
      As Lilly already mentioned Marimekko doesn’t have yet so many follower in Instagram nor in Twitter so I think Marimekko should first concentrate on growing the number of their follower on those channels. Key thing for increasing the number of followers would in my opinion be that Marimekko has to upload new material frequently and also keep the material interesting. The main point of brand awareness is to get people to know about the brand and Marimekko is going into right direction because the company is present in the main social media platforms and via those Marimekko will be able to reach many people and gaing more awareness.

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