Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

From the very beginning the Body Shop has held to its values on natural and organic cosmetic products. With social justice at its core rooted by its founder Dame Anita Roddick, it continues to act as a supporter to various causes such as education and bans on animal testing. It is also well known for its commitments to specific causes such as for fair trade and against sex trafficking.

Studying The Body Shop’s brand with J. Kapferer’s Brand Identity theory (1986) we can evaluate its physique, relationship, reflection on customers, culture, personality, and self-image.

Their physique begins with its logo. Their products have solid connection with personal care and environmental concern occurred throughout; natural ingredients and never tested on animals, and packaging; simple, refillable, and recyclable.

Body Shop focuses to connect with people who are environmentally and ethically responsible, and who live the ‘green’ lifestyle. The people who buy Body Shop products are environmentally and socially aware, but they also have the money to buy the products as Body Shop is seen by some as being a bit on the pricier side. Its strong values, however, make the customers feel good when they purchase something from a “conscious” store, thanks to the social and environmental commitments of the brand.

The legacy of being a cause-oriented organisation lives on in the brand’s ethos today and is a key factor of its social media marketing.

Through its many social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, they are creating a sense of community. For instance they have pages for each country on these platforms, e.g. Indonesia, Finland, and Denmark, where conversation is held in the national language of that country. By this Body Shop is creating a strong community and a relationship with their consumers. Also they are using a relatively new concept – bloggers and vloggers – opinion leaders to many consumers to spread the awareness of the brand.

They do not only use social media for promotional purposes such as product information, upcoming products and special events. Instead, they have opened a two-way catalogue with their followers; when visiting any of their social media channels, you will not only witness Body Shop providing tips and engaging in conversation with their followers, but  also find out information about their causes. The Body Shop is challenging, inspiring and motivating their followers to get involved.

While the brand is serious about its work with causes, it also displays an ability to be cheerful and fun. During the 2014 Oscars, they hosted a Twitter “slumber party” around the hashtag, #GreatInBed, which was built around the ‘Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil’ product launch. This was a way for them to connect with their followers at the same time. Here is another example called ‘Happy Bunny! Celebrating the EU ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics’

After the EU Ban on animal testing for cosmetics, Body Shop now continues to work towards a ban on animal testing globally.

The culture of Body Shop is based on its values;  against animal testing, support community fair trade, defend human rights, ethical trade, and protect the planet. They show high amounts of respect to the planet and living things on it. They embody pure and natural beauty. Finally, they are globally on the forefront on activism towards ethical conduct. They challenge, inspire, and motivate everyone – me and you to care for our planet.

How do you see Body Shop affecting the world today?


Read more:

The many campaigns Body Shop is involved in, take a peek! http://www.thebodyshop.com.au/Values-OurCampaigns.aspx#.UyWaefmSzsY R. Dragon, 2014. http://socialmediatoday.com/big_brand_theory/body-shop-has-beauty-heart Body Shop Values Report 2011: http://www.thebodyshop.com/content/pdf/global-values_report.pdf

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7 Responses to Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

  1. Hello,

    I really liked coming across your article, indeed I’ve already worked a bit on The Body Shop and I have to say they are very good in terms of ethics, and I think it is what makes the organization so famous (due to its values and beliefs as you explained above within the article).
    As explained, you mentioned that the Body Shop was not only uploading products or events coming but also inspiration to get customers involve in their causes. It is another way to do so, but it sticks to its competencies. To my opinion, it can helps as customers will feel closer to the brand and could identify themselves to the brand like also feeling useful for a cause, a belief the Body Shop truly believes in.

    • sophiscam says:

      Hi Pauline, and thanks for commenting!

      Yes, I definitely agree with you. With the help of social media they can make the customers feel a lot closer to the brand, as you mentioned. Also with their marketing the focus on adding coverage to issues they care about they enforce the reputation they have gained of caring of various issues.

  2. ramintaaukstuolyte says:


    As a customer, I loved to read and get to know more about the Body Shop’s latest campaigns since I had not seen them before. I believe that their ability to build certain communities and have such close and personal relationship to its customers is great. The idea of supporting and inspiring their followers makes the brand unique and helps it to stand out when using social media. This influences the level of admiration from customers as well as it influences the process of word of mouth.
    Body Shop has a very strong brand which they built throughout the years based on a good strategy. Participation in various positive outcome having activities helped them to build positive associations with the brand and they are successfully transferring that activity to social media.

    • sophiscam says:

      Hi Raminta,

      Yes, the Body Shop is involved in many different campaigns! Yes definitely, also by creating communities by country can Body Shop more accessible as people can speak in the native tongue within those communities with Body Shop.
      Absolutely, when looking how Body Shop has made itself available in various social media platforms, it does show how well they are aware of where people are and what is a best way to get in contact with the consumers. Thanks for commenting!

  3. rossibaptiste says:

    Hi Sophie,
    even if I’m not a customer of Body Shop, it is good to know that this firm cares about the environment and bans animal test for its products. L’Oréal as the number one in the cosmetic industry, does not care about the environment and prefer rather profit than caring about its customer’s health. If I was user of cosmetics such as make-up I would definetely prefer buy from Body Shop than L’Oréal, even if l’Oréal says that “I worth it”…Moreover, by sharing its policy, values and goals on social media, Body Shop involves its customers and push their participation by asking for feedbacks leading to create brand followers. The company definitely understood what customer needs, wants and believes nowadays.

    Thanks for that article!

    • sophiscam says:

      Hi Baptiste,

      Yes I do agree with you, Body Shop does have a good grasp on what is important to the consumers. Even though Body Shop is owned by L’Oreal now it still does perform the same way when it started. This is shown in how involved they are in many causes and how it tries to get its followers and consumers involved as well. It still holds true to the commitments of Dame Roddick when she began the whole company.

      ‘Actions speak stronger than words’, and Body Shop’s actions are loud and clear; they care for the environment, animals, and social justice. Thank you for you comment! 🙂

  4. rikupetseppala says:

    Hi Sophie,
    thank you for your post. It was really interesting to read.
    The Body Shop is probably to most used example of ethical and environmental friendly brand. As it was possible to notice from your text the company also promotes those two things in their social media platforms and campaining. It also seems like the company is in all over the social media scene. Do you think there is still something more to do in the field of social media for The Body Shop or have they already used all the possible potential of social media?

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