Twitter wars & Branding

Twitter wars & Branding

Do not get me wrong here, branding is important and must be done extremely well to retain customers and attract new ones, but it does not have to be serious business. Branding in social media can be witty, funny or even directly make fun of the competitor. 

Mobile manufacturers and their branding departments have been the forerunners of twitter wars and have provided people with many laughs, chuckles and reasons of belongingness.   If you are fan of Nokia, Apple, Samsung or any other brand, you might enjoy these types of shenanigans.


Recent success story comes from HTCs marketing department which was quick to react to a tweet by LeBron James. Not only did HTC get free publicity, they were able to plant a suspicion of poor product quality of their competitor to consumer mind, all with a simple brilliant tweet.  According to the Aaker Brand Equity model, branding does consist from brand loyalty, awareness, perceived quality, association and other assets.  With one simple tweet, HTC was able to make their current phone owners smile (with minimal costs), increase the awareness of company and therefore attract new customers.


This was not the first time HTC has been mocking Samsung in the social media. After the release of 2013 flagship models of HTC ONE and Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung published a tweet which said “four is better than one”, referring to the product numbers of these flagships.  HTC was fast to reply by retweeting one of their followers tweet “Plastic is not fantastic my friend”, which was referral to the facts that HTC ONE is solid aluminium while Samsung Galaxy S4 is made of plastic. A great example how HTC was able to cheaply and effectively able to brought up the features of their product they saw were superior to Samsung.

What do you think? Is waging war on Twitter worth it? Does it depend on an industry or the company in question?




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3 Responses to Twitter wars & Branding

  1. 04val says:

    I feel like these interactive tweets benefit both participants. There are so many providers/brands out there that creating “factual” humour does no harm but rather entices consumers to their brand and eliminates the thought of all the others.

  2. pelai2 says:

    I think verbally attacking competitors doesn´t pay off in long terms. Perhaps you could win some quick wins but personally i think it´s not worth it. In my opinion, defaming competitors is bad business.

  3. yngchern says:

    Thanks for your post!
    I think the companies are quite smart in provoking discussion by tweeting quick banters. It reminds me of the ever so popular Apple ads that featured actors representing the mac and the pc. Loyal customers are proud of their technological products they own and are often comparing their products with their friends in the same “friendly” competition way that the companies you mentioned did.

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