Motor trade revolution

World will be a lot different for Generation Z that we are used to. In the last ten years the world has been digitized and the way we communicate has changed. The motor trade business is moving towards to online.

The motor trade business has remained almost the same as we have always known it. Traditionally, car dealerships have had cars that customers can test drive but it’s about to change.  The new Generation Z requires better and better customer service. Future car buyers are becoming more aware of the product and recommendations of friends will be more valuable in decision making.

Earlier this month, Audi opened the world’s third showroom store in a prime location in Berlin. Car sales business will move almost entirely to showroom style in the near future. Especially in premium car sector manufacturers are seeking new possibilities to establish showroom style stores.

In those showrooms customer can build his dream car virtually on the large screens. On those screens the beautiful shape of the magnificent car stands out for the customer.  When I personally visited at BMW Showroom in Helsinki last month, I was impressed how precisely the shape of the car could be seen on the screen. Also customer can easily see the environmental impact prevention actions along the vehicle life cycle. Manufacturers try to build a positive and green image above the brand to make it popular and desirable.

Visitors can expect a previously different of level of personal customer service. Showroom combines the best of two world’s digital product presentations and personal contact with the dealer.

The motor trade business will be more customer-oriented as I said earlier. The interesting thing here is Audi’s view. In the near future some of the customers will move to monthly pricing car rental service and when the rental period is over they can make a contract with another new car.

The future will bring more inventions which make people lives even easier. We must stay positive and start new business ventures and create new jobs to replace the loss of disappearing jobs in the automotive sector. Car dealers have to learn a new level of customer service and after sales.

In the end we must also remember that electric vehicles are becoming more common and the world goes greener all the time. We need to change before the world around us as well. Let’s see with great excitement what the future brings us.

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3 Responses to Motor trade revolution

  1. lauripek says:

    Good subject to write about. Easy to read and structure was good.
    It was interesting to read about this subject because
    personally i don´t own a car. So basically i don´t know
    nothing about todays motor trade business.

  2. jennimarja says:

    Agree! I have had a possibility to “look behind the scenes” in motor business. It’s amazing how the industry still uses e.g. faxes. I bet generation Z don’t have time to wait fax-confirmations 😉

  3. Interesting post! The car is indeed becoming more and more an object of differentiation and admiration. I think it is a very perspective idea to offer customization services online. It means that first of all companies care about their customers and make purchasing easier and varied.

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