Social medias and Politic

In 2008 most of 50% of the Americans were members of at least one social media according to researches and 140 millions of them are Twitter users. For few years we can notice a high development in terms of socials tools. With this significant rise many companies take it as an instrument to advertise their services and products, and as results we can now perceive different personality and even political party using it.

That is how Barack Obama has used, in 2008 Twitter and Facebook to mobilize the electors.

More and more people use online social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkIn to share interests and contact with each other. Its pretty impressive to see that by 2012, Facebook has more than 800 million active users, with Twitter 100 million and LinkedIn over 64 million in North America alone.

Due to their great social influence, some researchers study the structure of social networking, detection, to simplify the representation. Some researches work focus on the viral marketing analysis based on social medias. However, social medias or social communities need to develop themselves thus, they can obtain greater influence and provide better service.

The 2008 Obama Presidential campaign made history. Not only was Obama the first African American to be elected president, but he was also the first presidential candidate to effectively use social media as a major campaign strategy. And it worked. It’s easy to forget, given how ubiquitous social media is today, that in 2008 sending out voting reminders on Twitter and interacting with people on Facebook was a big deal. When Obama announced his candidacy in 2007, Twitter had only just started and there wasn’t even an available application yet..

The adoption of Twitter and Facebook by President Barack Obama has been compared to the adoption of TV, radio and other way to advert. Indeed, before the social medias explodes there was mostly only those basic ways to advertise. But you have to develop and adapt to follow the trend to be still efficient.

Barack Obama account is among the top ten worldwide in both followers and followed. During his 2008 campaign his account was intermittently the worlds most followed. Below his official website link, official website

It is for sure an essential tool for campaigns as Barack Obama was the first political man using it, followed by his adversary Mitt Romney who also activates his own account on Twitter. But don’t forget that Twitter only represents a little slice of an enormous communication campaign.

Therefore, social media networks are today part of people’s life, and politic governments use it now to make cyber users participate to their campaigns. It is mainly by making them react on their posts, give their opinion, or even just follow political men in their private life, to get closer to them. But now, it is among the essential building blocks of modern society, will it be as efficient as it used to be? Including the fact that there is no innovation anymore?

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