The World is the size of a Mobile Phone

The world has diminished to Tiny, Tiny because of the development of mobile devices, those small and smaller items which are with you wherever you go. Due to these innovational devices, purchasing behavior has also changed its form, quite drastically in recent years.


New devices with new functionalities and also new applications have created new distribution channels and especially for any digital material the purchasing behavior has changed quite fast. For example all record- and cd-shops have disappeared because there is no need to buy any real items anymore as you will get it all from Spotify or YouTube, download only as digital form. The same thing concern videos, you can get all the new movies from the net e.g. Netflix, you don’t need to rent them from the video shops or buy to yourself.

People use more and more shops only as fitting rooms; they find suitable sizes, models, colors etc. and then they go home and order the exact same article from the net. This is of course, quite unfair and very unfortunate for the small entrepreneurs who want to keep the corner stores alive!

But as one youngster put it just a few days ago, when asked about buying from net, ”It is not really the question of the price, but the easiness of the buying, I don’t have to leave my house and go anywhere!”. Also buyers now turn to friends and social network communities to help them decide and to get feedback from other users of products. So much so that 81 percent of consumers say social media posts by their friends influence purchase decisions  (How Mobile and Social Are Changing Consumer Behaviors).

Now we come to the question of marketing skills and responses to these new purchasing behaviors and technologies. It seems that there is still a lot of marketing budget used for traditional marketing and not given the real status and truth to the power of internet and the speed of knowledge of the fast-moving information change. There has been several case studies made of customer behavior and fast-moving industry, already several years ago, but somehow it seems that these studies are not utilized by marketing sector (Case study from 2002: Consumer online shopping attitudes and behavior).

As these new innovations in technology and in devices lead to still new developments, also marketing needs to keep up with these new platforms. Marketing is not totally doing it now!


There is always a crowd of people who live for or from innovations. They are always ready to buy the recent model of the items. Their comments and experiences are most valuable and have a huge impact on the purchase behavior of the followers as personal experience has a way better value to the co-consumers compared to the paid advertisements of the manufacturers.

Markets must constantly keep updating their device manual to be able to use this new tiny mobile device called world!

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4 Responses to The World is the size of a Mobile Phone

  1. jay1st says:

    You are so right!

    I use Spotify 3 hours / day. Still I yearn for brick-shops to buy old vinyl records to listen. I know people who buys new phone two times in year. Sad – old ones are just waste and what happens our lithium recourses? Batteies and components will vanish our natural resources.

  2. hannakoivukoski says:

    Good post. I agree that it’s sad that everything is going online.. I still think that not all hope is lost, at least I buy my favorite movies in DVD, because it’s nice to own them physically and watch them whenever I like. It’s not the same when you have it downloaded on your computer. I also go to movies quite often 🙂

  3. Thank you for the post. You have raised quite a hot topic. Indeed, marketing via social media has much slower pace of development rather than the Internet itself. We now see the advertisements on web pages solely as spam – they are not attractive and are annoying instead. Even if we take a look at the websites of famous fashion brands, we can see that the emphasis is made on the tangible objects rather than intangible aspects, which should prevail in the online marketing. So, I agree with you that if the world could be summed up in one small device, maybe companies should not attempt to gain the whole big world, but instead take advantage of simplicity.

  4. mrbmw2 says:

    Interesting post. In this digitization era our life is getting even too easy. It has it pros and cons and I personally grieve the loss of brick shops.

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