Fighting With Windmills

The quality of service is getting more important in online stores all the time. Nowadays it’s not enough to have just a wide range of products and easily working web shop. The consumer wants more and more information and details of products. When the competition grows, one good competitive advantage is to have flagship store beside the online store. This allows customer to shop online, but also gives a possibility to personal face to face service.

What are affecting things of buying behavior in online stores? Good prices, wide range of products and good layout are of course important but there’s much more. The consumer wants to buy online, just when it suits them best. Customer service and shopping must be easy and fast. Well known online store brand gives more credibility to customers. Also site with consumer home language makes shopping comfortable and even more credibility. Returning of products takes always more time in online shopping so it must be as easy as possible.

Customers buying decisions are also affected with other customer reviews. Other people’s positive reviews of products, service and online store functionality gives more credibility to the customer. Customer rely friends and other customers from its neutrality view of online store. In research sponsored by Descom found that nine out of ten Finns read other customers reviews before making a purchase.

Heavily growing markets brings big risks and possibilities at same time for finnish web shops. Of course cheap prices and big product range are challenging facts but actually finnish web stores got many competitive tools what foreign web stores don’t have. Real time finnish customer service is only one of the many important tools. Big web shops in Europe simply can’t produce finnish information in same volume as we can. Well done product informations, smooth claim standards and easy and fast delivery options for example pick-up option raises credibility even more. Quality is the key of the day. If we can’t fight with windmills let’s find their weakness and do what we can do best. Service.

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2 Responses to Fighting With Windmills

  1. maxaalto says:

    “If we can’t fight with windmills let’s find their weakness and do what we can do best. Service.”
    Are we good enough in service ? I guess we fill our place in serving local customers who are modest. But when dealing with, for example, Russians, you should be more humble. With Japanese, you should remember politeness and manners. That, I guess could be harder for Finns. Maybe it’s heritage, maybe not. Talking about service attitude, some Asian cultures are way ahead us. There people have realized, that it’s the way to make their living. That really makes a difference in care taking and hospitality.

  2. hannahveevo says:

    I agree with you Max, I don’t know if Finns know how to serve foreign customers like the Americans or the Asians can. The Finns have a long way to go with learning how to be polite or having the correct manners depending on where the customer is from.

    Online shopping is a matter of convenience or possibly just laziness, but whichever it is or both, people are so used to the fact they can get anything and everything whenever they want and even delivered to their front door.

    It is sad to see that the Finnish online stores are not competitive enough to match with the foreign rivalry, but you, Tommi, bring good points that the Finnish online store developers should take note of and concentrate on developing these aspects more. I am sure that the Finnish online buyer does respect when the service is given in their mother tongue compared to fighting with dictionaries whilst buying just a T-shirt.

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