Values and attitudes — where do they come from?

You are in a café choosing the tea you would like to drink this time. The waitress tries to talk you into trying some new product you have never tasted before. Maybe you choose the same product as always, maybe you pick up some other tea — even the new one that the waitress was recommending. But have you ever thought about why you choose to buy a certain tea instead of some other or even visit a certain store? And why it is so difficult to convince some customers that she/he should change to another product than she/he is used to consume?

There are many different factors which affect our purchase decisions even if we don’t really consciously ponder a lot before we buy. Values and attitudes are two of these factors. These factors are quite permanent and that’s one of the reasons why it is really hard to change people’s thoughts about some product.

If you, for example, value domestic products, you most likely choose to visit stores which sell these kinds of products. You also choose to buy such products instead of foreign products. Maybe you have also some negative thoughts towards the foreign products. In other words, you have a negative attitude towards them. So it is really likely that you don’t even consider visiting other stores or buying a product which is made elsewhere. So where do these thoughts come from?

People form their values and attitudes as a result of their lifestyle, experiences, opinions, beliefs and knowledge of different things. On the other hand they can also be learned from the environment where the person is living. The way that the environment affects attitudes and values can be seen, for example, when a person makes decisions under the influence of social pressure. Also culture and many other things can make a difference.

So next time when you are in a café choosing tea it might be worth to try something new. For example if you have a negative attitude towards some product, try to think where the attitude comes from. It may be formed just based on your beliefs and they can be wrong. So forget your unnecessary beliefs and you might end up finding a new favorite tea.

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One Response to Values and attitudes — where do they come from?

  1. unlikeparis says:

    A good way to change one’s negative attitude is to link the newly acquired thing to something positive, i.e. an emotion of joy, love, happiness etc. or to pair it with some positive memory. That way you’ll start to associate the new thing with those feelings and your inner attitude base will replace the old opinion about the product. So, for trying to learn to like a new English Breakfast Tea taste, better grab an interesting person along. Might be that you’ll end up spending a sunny winter day with a new favorite tea and a new friend.

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