The visual vibes of lifestyle marketing

Have you ever been so amazed by a picture, a book, a movie or a song that it completely convinced you to become or do something? Probably you have. What about if you combined creating that emotional feeling with marketing? A few weeks ago I found a video called “South Africa Road Trip – Visual Vibes” made by a British guy named Ben Brown. In the video he was travelling in South Africa, and basically filming everything he did on his day with excellent editing and music on the background. He was vlogging, which means he keeps a diary of his everyday life by filming and talking to his camera. Everything about his videos was fascinating: he travelled, met new people, photographed his explorations, ate healthy and exercised a lot. And summed up with a gorgeous English accent I instantly found myself watching 10 other videos he had made. In one vlog he mentioned he also has a website where he writes a blog, so I went to check it out and noted he also had a clothing line. That moment I realized what a sneaky little businessman he was!

I soon noticed he was not only selling his clothes through his blog, pictures and videos, but he was creating a brand to the clothes through his vlogs that reflect on his own lifestyle. His clothing line consists of three collections and one of them is called The Visual Vibes, which is also the theme in some of his videos. His clothing brand is directly appealing to young people who travel, enjoy a sporty and healthy lifestyle and have a curious and exploring hold on life – just like him. From a marketing perspective, he found how to not only brand himself creatively, but a very smart and effective way to reach to those who share the same lifestyle as he. Clever, right?

Lifestyle branding targets on creating an emotional value to the product or service, in order that the consumer becomes even more attached to it. In a blog post written by Josip Petrusa (May 10, 2010. he points out the Apple and BMW as a lifestyle branding examples. He says that these brands are no longer selling just cars and phones, but an iPhone and a BMW 6 Series. Petrusa has a point. Consumers are much more aware of advertising, so instead of only persuading them to believe a product is better that the competitive one, companies now have to sell a complete lifestyle along with the product. In order to stand out, products have to be more than what they are. As Petrusa states: “The brand is not simply reflecting your lifestyle. It is becoming your style of life. We are making these products more necessary to life than they have previously been.”

With growing knowledge of the consumers’, faster spread of information and need to create new ways to compete with other brands, the marketing of products has had to become even more innovative. Reaching the right group of people in the right way is crucial, and using different forms of media is one way to do it. The way Ben combined his hobby with business is an inspiring example of how he can spread out the word of not only his videos, which are his business as well, but also of his products. If you asked me would I buy from his clothing line, the answer would be ‘yes’. There is a big demand for ideas like his and the way he has done it, shows just how effective lifestyle marketing can be: he sold me his brand and lifestyle in a single video.

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2 Responses to The visual vibes of lifestyle marketing

  1. tipaiva says:

    Technology has definitely changed marketing a lot and vlogging is one example of the changes. Nowadays you need just a smart phone to film and after a few minutes the videos can be seen in the internet. Just about ten years ago you needed to carry a video camera with you if you wanted to film. And everyone didn’t see the video as fast and as easy as nowadays. It will be really interesting to see new technological innovations in the future and how marketers are going to utilize them.

  2. unlikeparis says:

    I totally see your point, magdalenasipari. It’s a powerful need to feel being pertinent to something and at the same time be individual, and these businesses have understood that in their marketing. That blog text could be taken word to word from my world, so I felt attached to your writings. I also wonder like tipaiva what will be the next “big thing” in technological development that will again shook the world of consumer buying behavior. At the current rate, we probably won’t have to wait very long.

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