A line drawn in water – using values and attitudes in marketing

A ten-year old boy walks out of a street-wear shop carrying a canvas bag full of pinstriped socks worth 20 bucks a pair, a baseball cap of a team he has no idea of and new sneakers he saw some pro-skaters wear in a competition on television. Is it a bag full of successful professional marketing actions, or just a bag full of flawed expectations of reality being thrown at people?

Achieving true respect is a complex issue. Every marketing professional’s dream is to obtain a status of high respect for their products. Yet this dream is sometimes being pursued by questionable means, like in new Mercedes-Benz commercial for a hybrid executive car

Their use of Mercedes AMG Petronas -formula one team has exactly what in common with being ecological and sustainable? What kind of attitude is there to be seen?

How to then cause a negative effect on your status? Simply tell your customers something that doesn’t have a firm base. Address the values behind the product, but don’t really live up to its contents… An effective way of not getting an invitation to the free lunch offered by your business-to-business –customers on Fridays.

Values can be recognized and attitudes addressed, but how are they being treated? Lifestyle brands are the kingpins in this area, but even they have big differences in their approach to the issue.

Some close down entire cities to boost their ego, while others simply need one true person to seem impressive. Are values and attitudes some things that the marketers should truly live up to, or simply know how to use in their best behavior? One creates true respect, but the other merely a shroud of false. Which one would you choose, Red Bull or DC Shoes? Would you rather be true or simply “big”?

Attitudes are formed through three main factors: knowledge, emotion and experience. How could a marketer gain respect from the customer, if that company is perceived as a far cry from their planned marketing campaign? Although we are really good in what we do, even we couldn’t split the Red Sea.

Let’s be clear here: As a marketer one tries to establish a need for a certain product through aggressive and comprehensive promotion. The other way is to simply figure out what is the thing, that the customers truly opt for and value in their purchases and to provide that in the best way possible. Sometimes this requires some pretty impressive attitude-changing moves, but it’s always worth it.

The boy walks out of the shop carrying a canvas bag full of pinstriped socks with a big, happy smile on his face. Nothing on Earth could ruin his day now.

Some do it better, some worse.

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