Women – a power to be reckoned with

A powerful, two-seated beast just waiting to get in action. An adventurous male looking for challenges in his powerful four wheel -drive, a V8 roaring under the hood. No mountain nor asphalt jungle is able to beat him. Are these the images still related to marketing and selling cars? Although car dealers and marketers might be dazzled by high speed and burnt rubber it’s now time to press on the brakes and head the vehicles towards new adventures – women.

More and more prosperous women are tuned up for well-equipped, smart vehicles for business as well as leisure purposes. Highly educated Baby-Boomer women (born between 1946 and 1964) represent a powerful segment, boosted by successful careers and investments. These women are consumers that every car would like to resonate with! And these women would love to be buttered up by the car dealers! Still women continue having poor experiences when trying to buy a car and are still feeling misunderstood by car marketers.

According to the statistics gathered by Climate Change, women from the OECD countries are responsible for 80% of the families’’ acquisitions. Despite this fact, there are no big differences in consumption between the sexes, at least in the wealthy Nordic countries, although women’s ethical awareness seems to be stronger. Women also tend to prefer smaller and more ecological cars than men.

Practicality, ecology, safety, reasonable price and of course – perfect color. If these are the features women value in their cars, why is it so difficult to accept it?  Instead of defining the “right way” of buying cars, the car branch should radically refresh their thinking. Quit trying to market to women through male lenses. It is time to realize that there is a huge group of potential paying customers that have been grossly neglected – women consumers! The car branch surely cannot afford that. Even if the money comes from a woman’s wallet it still talks!

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One Response to Women – a power to be reckoned with

  1. aijahiltunen says:

    You really hit the point!
    Why is it so hard for car dealers to believe, that women can also be the one, who buy the car. Don´t we have necessary credibility or what is wrong? If you go to the car market with a man, what happens – you are politely escorted to the coffee machine and your companion is having a guided tour through the car, even though he is not buying anything…
    I have the will and money to buy a car – now I need to find a car dealer who believes it and wants to sell me a car that I need!

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