Future Is for Mind-Readers


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The world is constantly changing, and so is marketing. Technology continues to develop in ginormous steps, and people become more and more aware of what is happening around the world. It is time to look into your crystal ball and read the tea leaves! Or maybe…something based on technology?

Social media has an essential part in learning to understand your customers since it is open to anyone and people have a habit of freely talking about and marking the things they are interested in. Keep in mind that the next time you like something on Facebook, you are giving away information about yourself! ‘You like that thing? Oh, wonderful, based on that information you just gave me I’m sure you will like this thing, too!’ Yes, that is how marketers “read” people’s minds.

Social media is a useful tool when companies want to be customer centric in marketing. In the future customer centricity will be a big thing. Companies want to develop an actual understanding of who their customers are, what they do, what they are interested in and what they value in life. A survey made in the U.S. found that this leads to consumers feeling more positive towards brands and, therefore, they are more likely to buy. Here you can see more of the survey’s results.

Customer centricity leads to personalized marketing. How would you feel if you received emails only about products and services that you really needed? Your email account would no more be filled with unwanted emails that you delete without opening. That would feel magical, right? In the following years, companies won’t try to be heard and seen by everyone everywhere. They will focus on delivering the right message to the right people.

Let’s take a look at a few smaller, but still important trends of the future that may be useful in personalized marketing. In the past few years healthy lifestyle has become a huge trend and therefore fitness has been a good selling point. Now this trend is leaning towards body positivity. For example some clothing chains, like H&M, have started to use plus-sized mannequins in some of their stores. People will become even more aware of what is happening around the world, and take notice of what they really are purchasing. They want ecological products and services, products from conflict-free areas, no child labor, etc. As stated, companies will need to use their psychic skills and know what their customers value.

Know your customers, show that you care and the future is wide open in front of you. Are you ready to read the minds of your customers through social media? Or do you have some useful hidden skills dwelling inside your head, perhaps?

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One Response to Future Is for Mind-Readers

  1. liisaps2014 says:

    Hi, I’am waiting this. I would like to receive emails only about products and services that I really want and also if my email account would no more be filled with unwanted emails that I don’t want to receive.

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