Food trends – to follow or not to follow? Is it time for traditional food?

The year 2014 has been a year full of high-protein products, especially quarks, avocado and kale. Also a strong interest in gluten-free and dairy-free products across the food and drinks market is continuing to develop. Why does this happen in Finland, where most consumers already get enough protein in their normal diets? Is it time to forget all different diets and focus on traditional, fresh, local and clean Finnish food?

Has something changed our eating philosophy? Why we are more and more interested in what we put into our mouth? Do we want to show other people that we want to eat healthy food, follow the latest food trends and we want to take responsibility for what we eat with our choices? Are we becoming more aware and more interested in the origins of our food products,  environment, welfare of animals, product security, nutrition, local food and economic responsibility and do we want to make choices accordingly?

What does it tell about us? Is this what we really want to do or do we just follow information from mass and social media and don’t think what we ourselves really want and need? Is it a way to differentiate from and identify with others? Why do we follow the opinions of top chefs, food journalist and food bloggers? Do we want to change our life? Do we want to try something new because we want to be part of the today’s food trend? How do you know what is the real food trend today and what is just a short-term trend?

I think we have gone too far by following different food trends. It is time for traditional home-cooked food which is healthy, unpretentious and simple food.  Do you remember the last time when you ate traditional macaroni with meat or potatoes with sausage sauce or homemade meatballs, and pancake for desert? Have you called your mother or grandmother and asked for old traditional food recipes from them?  Now it is time to do that. Now it is time to find the joy of food again.

Does this all make you feel nostalgic?  Me it does.


macaroni with meat


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2 Responses to Food trends – to follow or not to follow? Is it time for traditional food?

  1. kialahti says:

    Interesting post! I think that the healthy-eating is a trend. And I think it existing, because people doesn’t really know what is healthy and what is not, so they eat what ever is told to be healthy. I agree with you, it has gone way too far.

  2. aijahiltunen says:

    I think that we have lost the idea of eating. All new fancy trends are flooding in to our tables and good basic food is forgotten. Would we be unhealthier, if we go back to basics, instead of eating every new food? I don´t believe so.
    I surely miss good old times! That doesn´t mean, that I`m against all new. We just need to find balance between these two tables.
    Thank you – your writing just woke my needs to cook good old-fashioned food!

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