Don’t mess with the X-generation

There’s a lot of hassle about the consumer and buying behaviour of generation z and y. The Internet and the papers are full of surveys on how all generations differ from each other.

But you really don’t want to mess with the x generation. You see, the Gen X is the one with the time and the money. For most people in this age, the rush hours are over. The diaper show has ended, the sleepless nights are gone. Instead, the time for luxury products and “me” time is welcomed.

Did you know that a child’s brain is fully developed at the age of 30? That’s why the marketers certainly need to put on an effort on the selling for Gen X, since that’s clearly different than marketing for the yet undeveloped brains. According to Nelson Barber Gen X is interested more in the products than in what other people think.

The past year has shown a big change in buying behaviour and it can be seen in retail trade and online shopping.  Google and social media are used more and more to find information about the products wanted. Social media needs to be a part of any strategy for connecting with the generation X consumers. Companies need to put precise and accurate info about the products on their web sites and social media. Nelson Barber suggests that companies use social media to make a fuss about their products to reach the Gen X. Remember avocado pasta? Or Mutti?

Do you really want to lose the Gen X money?? Offer services and products. Gen X wants service in the store, so give them the salespersons that know their business, because the Gen X is surely ready to pay for it!


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