Hooked on antiques and vintage

I got a recommendation from my fellow student to visit at Bukowski’s auction web pages,  www.bukowskismarket.com, just to check what they can offer. I was hooked instantly. The product categories vary from folk art into vintage & fashion. The items on sale are tempting and well presented with pictures from every angle. After registration your own bids are just a click away, only the sky is the limit. Typically the sale period is 1 – 2 weeks and naturally there will be a competition with placed bids until the last minutes of auction time.

An increasing trend is to purchase antique furniture and folk art as well as vintage jewellery, clothes and accessories. We are motivated to acquire some unique objects as eye-catchers and to emphasize our personality and individualism. But what types of consumers are actually interested in antique and vintage products? The crucial factors may be ecological and sustainable development values. With good care the antique furniture will go a long way from generation to generation, not to mention the diamonds and design accessories. And of course every consumer would like to be surrounded by beautiful and aesthetic Masterpieces, which maybe vainly give the idea of hot-shot lifestyle.

My first purchase was a pair of floor light fittings, rococo style from the 20th century. The lamps are made of brass and decorated with foliage. The delivery from Sweden lasted 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the electric system needed to be repaired, so I took the lamps to a repair company, at the same time offering a job opportunity to a Finnish craftsman. After all, the light fittings turned out to be more affordable compared to getting new ones from an antique store or a special boutique. I put my old retro lamp for sale on Tori.fi, www.tori.fi/vi/14665372.htm.

Consequently I recycled the old lamp and I bought the old vintage lamp. In worst case these both lamps could have ended up into rubbish dump.


My Rococo lamps

My Rococo lamps


Reference: Solomon, Michael R. & Cie 2013. Consumer Behaviour. A European Perspective. 5th edition. Pearson Education Ltd, Essex, England.

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One Response to Hooked on antiques and vintage

  1. sarilana says:

    I would like to put more effort on my apartment’s decoration and I would kill for a rococo style bedroom. Unfortunately I have to cats, so I have to settle to Ikea-style: easy to change, cheap and for the most important, practical. Still atm, most of my furniture are retro from my parent’s house and I’m struggling with the thought should I buy my sofa table from Ikea or flea market. I would hunt for a proper, used sofa table if I would have a car and a driving’s license.

    Not all of the consumers can make choices between ethical values. But than, I rather have my two cats than silky bedspread. Choices. 🙂

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