S-mobile, innovation for everyone?


Picture: S-Pankin mediatila STT Info -palvelusta https://www.sttinfo.fi/pressroom?publisherId=4521144

In modern times, more electronic services are being developed and produced, to respond to the increased customer-focused demands. We want to take care of our affairs, starting from the daily purchases, online or preferably by mobile phone. The starting point in developing these mobile services should be us and our needs. That is exactly what S Group did. They launched their S-mobile application on the bases of their customers’ requests. But they didn´t want to settle for something ordinary. They wanted to take a step further and combined the customers´ trade and banking services.

S Group let their customers take part in the designing and testing of the application. By doing so, they showed that our voices and wishes were heard – furthermore, that they truly wanted to create a genuinely useful application. From this work S-mobile got an honorary award in Grand One 14 competition. According to the consumers’ responses, S-mobile users seem to be rather satisfied. We have now an application that provides the ability to manage both commercial and banking services just with a mobile phone.

Have they finally developed a service that corresponds to our needs? You might think so, but have all customer groups taken into account equally – or have S-mobile forgotten someone?

In the VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) research “Ikääntyvien Idealiike” (2007) elderly people were asked for ideas for developing mobile applications.

Some expectations of the users according to this research:

  • Being able to take a picture of the barcode on a bill while paying it
  • Including the bonus system to mobile phones instead of having a bonus card
  • Being able to get the choices of the home carried meals beforehand to the mobile phone

Some of the ideas are already in use in S-mobile. S-mobile is useful and user friendly, but there is no point to it if senior people don`t know it. We suggest that there should be customer events to this group co-op. That would provide customers with common information about the mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets) and services that S-mobile provides. Also more improvements are planned to the S-mobile. You can take a peek of them by using the following link: S-mobiilin salainen suunnittelupöytä

What could S Group and S-Bank do to add senior consumer’s value even more? Considerable improvements could be for example: adding paying links to the co-op offers, sending messages by SMS, marketing the Kauppakassi- service to the elderly people and also charging the service by S-mobile.

As the population in Finland is ageing, senior citizens should be taken along when planning S-mobile services. One existing service, “Kauppakassi”, should be added to S-mobile which would significantly ease the life of elderly people. Senior citizens have money, S-Bank has the products and services. Anyway the services stay on the bank`s shelf as this articleMummi maksaa viulut, states. How can S Group and S-Bank make senior citizens meet the S-mobiles services? When you get older, how would you like to take care your banking and shopping?

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2 Responses to S-mobile, innovation for everyone?

  1. anpabe says:

    I think that it’s great to take care of banking with mobile or tablet, but we have to remember that there are still a lot of older people how want to go bank. They want to talk with some one at the same time when they are banking. I hope that S-Bank and other banks don’t close their all bank branches in near future. Old people are also paying customers and they need services.

    • H&A says:

      I agree that people should have an opportunity to choose what kind of service they want to use. And in S-Bank it is possible to take care banking at the same time than doing grocery shopping. I also think that elderly people should be taking along when planning new S-mobile services.

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