So irrational that is makes sense?

Has anyone of you given a thought to why fast food companies advertise in sports events? Apparently you can sell junk food and fattening, unhealthy products by (almost) emphasizing their health benefits, although they have none.

The scientists have stated that fat is not the most horrifying ingredient anymore – nowadays it’s sugar. Want to question my claim? Here, here, here, and here, for example, is some info. And what product consist of almost more sugar that sugar itself? Coke. Still, Coca-Cola is the main sponsor of FIFA, Olympics, NBA, Wimbledon… You name it. And the oddest part of this is we don’t think that’s weird. So why do we see Coca-Cola advertisements in these sports events?

The easiest answer is why not? Coke cannot really be sold by highlighting its healthiness. Intelligent advertisers in the Coca-Cola company have cunningly invented advertising Coke in venues that burst with healthy and active lifestyle. The company doesn’t even have to lie, they just wait consumers to form a (false) paradigm of Coke being, well, not healthy, but a part of an active lifestyle.

And it works, doesn’t it?

Coca-Cola has also kidnapped Father Christmas. That’s a marvellous example how they intelligently sneak into every holiday, every event, into your everyday life. Every day is a great day to purchase Coke, even Christmas. Now that’s lifestyle advertising!

Coca-Cola are also using the animal kingdom as a shield. They are helping polar bears and stopping the global warming, so it is practically our duty as consumers to purchase Coca-Cola products. We all want to save those cute little polar bears that look so sad on the side of the bottle.

That is why Coca-Cola has been the most recognized brand for many years in a row (but not this year though) according to Interbrand. Lifestyle advertising is really about companies trying to sell consumers a certain lifestyle that comes with their products. I think Coca-Cola has turned that phrase upside-down; they sell their product to match with the consumers’ lifestyle. In other words, they try to make Coke adapt to every lifestyle. It belongs beside junk food, but it belongs in the football arenas too.

But let’s not feel bad and cheated for ourselves, this isn’t our fault. Coca-Cola has been here like forever; Coca-Cola was introduced to consumers in 1886! The company has had time to seduce us. And a fun fact; Coke was first developed as a pharmacy product. We can all blame the history, it confirms the idea of Coca-Cola being healthy.

Coca-Cola is everywhere and it has become such an ordinary commodity over the years that we don’t question even if it is annexed to something it really doesn’t belong with. So irrational that it makes sense?

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3 Responses to So irrational that is makes sense?

  1. piberic says:

    This advertisement in sport events is actually as crazy as you state, I liked your sarcastic way of describing the fact that these two really don’t match together (healthy living, baby bears / fast food & coke).

    Especially as coke’s history in itself is a bit questionable, the first cola beverage developed in the pharmacy included cocaine from which the name originally comes from.

    Nowadays we also have coke zero which doesn’t have sugar but as a sweetener aspartame, which is also very questionable product and which, to my opinion, should be forbidden to use.

  2. datadummy says:

    Good post. Every coin has a flip side. Check out article about surprisingly healthy fast food.
    After all, what’s the point of being healthy if it’s not to enjoy living?

  3. tiinai47 says:

    Good point! It is very difficult to eat something healthy in sports events with children. I have quite often looked for all the foodpoints and hoping to find something from ethnic kitchens, Paella or Wraps for instance instead of sausages, hot dogs and hamburger meals with coca cola or other soft drink.

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