One size fits all or not?


My typical day is spent managing the customer experience, handling multiple communication channels and taking care of automation in marketing. My best friend is my CRM.

Introduced in the 80’s, and refined in the 90’s, many different CRM technologies have become popular – nothing new there. But in recent years, technology has taken a giant leap forward in the area of customer orientation.

Just look at today’s marketing campaigns, the one-size-fits-all model simply doesn’t work anymore. A number of different studies show that multi-channel marketing campaigns are typically executed on up to eight channels.

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Another thing that has changed the way I do things is the sheer volume of customer data in our systems. It has grown exponentially. So for me to succeed and reach my customers where they are, what I need is an effective multi-channel communication strategy.

For me, the best way to carry out true customer-oriented marketing and communications is through my own CRM solution and know-how. A good service partner is also an option. With current CRM technologies at my fingertips, I can create specific target groups by combining operational business data with customer behavior patterns. And with good data management I can ensure that all the different communications activities planned are well timed, and use the channels preferred by my customers.

The personalization trend that swept through the web has revolutionized the way we talk to our customers in all channels. The desire for people to consume their favorite entertainment, news or buy stuff when, where and how they want it, has driven marketing analysis tools to produce highly-individualized purchasing proposals.

In print-channel for example, this type of intelligent personalization is being taken to the extreme – variable data is no longer limited to the customer’s name, all content including images, text and language are today being mashed to create the ultimate ‘me’ experience.

Still 70% of brands do not personalize their messages to customers. Just wondering why?

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