Perception makes memory

Perception and memory. It’s obvious that both perception and memory have a great influence on a buyer’s thoughts and feelings about the product or the service the business is selling. Everyone knows that these two terms have a major effect on the behavior of our potential customers, but the key is to figure out how to create a right kind of bond first between these two, and then with both of them.

How to take advantage of the buyers senses? Perception is for the most part directly related to human senses, and often when the customer perceives something, it makes him/her remember. Even though the customer doesn’t necessarily buy or notice his/her need for a fridge immediately after seeing one or hearing about one, he might remember the advertise at home while cursing because his/her old fridge is rotten. This example points out well the bond between perception and memory, and how they’re both important to take into consideration while, for example, planning a new marketing campaign.

It obviously depends on the product what kind of marketing a business should use to connect with people in a way that raises their interest in the product and makes their buying behavior positive. For example, simple ways to get in touch with people’s perception are ads and commercials which are in direct touch with human sight. Perception makes memory, if the commercial is sticky enough to get stuck in the buyer brains. If someday I am responsible for creating a commercial for a pair of bra, I indeed know what the commercial would contain. I’d make the male viewers want to buy that bra for their better half. If you have a target group, it’s important to direct the marketing towards them somehow.

I prefer ‘’not so common’’ ways to connect with the buyer in marketing, and there’s a reason why. I think it’s obvious, that if for example an ad is different in some way from the others, people notice it. It’s just basic psychology. For example, one commercial a while ago really got to me. It was about some product, and it was based on the product being criticized violently by the company whose product it was. That really made me remember the commercial in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Humor is one of the best ways to make marketing different, so people would notice -> perceive-> remember->-> buy.

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