Excuse me, what do you really need?

“ A need:  A motivating force that compels action for its satisfaction.”

There I was.  Me and about 2,000.- other people. Everybody knows what this means. It means one hour of queueing. And also the latest XXL store opening day. Originally I was there just to keep company to my friend, but in the second that I stepped in the line, it really hit me.  I want it all. All over the place there were all those tempting discount signs and huge sale baskets full of stuff.

I might start yoga again and here is a very cheap mat for that. I’ll take it. I would definitely go jogging more often if I only had new pants..jacket .. And jogging shoes! I absolutely have to have all of these. There is no point for all my exercise if I don’t eat right. I must take all those good looking protein bars too. Ok, I’m supposed to be here just to keep company, but we all succumb to temptation from time to time. And I really need all this stuff. Right?

When I finally made it home from that shopping hell, I realized three things. 1) My brand new sofa has finally arrived and 2) so has a VERY expensive bill with it. The third thing was my very very angry boyfriend. (I didn’t know it’s even possible, but he got even angrier when he realized we are going to split that VERY expensive bill.) I must say that the sofa fits perfectly in our living room and it was supposed to be a happy surprise, so why is he whining? After all we really need that new sofa.

In my opinion people’s “needs” are bigger than ever nowadays. We need it all and we need it now. It’s all or nothing. Is that because we are selfish, greedy or just stupid? Or because it makes us happy and keeps the economy rising? Do you remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? First you have to satisfy all your physiological needs (breathing etc.) and finally self-actualisation needs.  I can’t remember it saying anything about collecting all that rubbish around you.

Why am I then doing it? Over-satisfying my needs?  I think because I need to.

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3 Responses to Excuse me, what do you really need?

  1. ojalajenna says:

    Hey Mira! Funny and interesting post! I really liked your view on things, it was very personal and that’s what made your post enjoyable to read. Good job! It is very important nowadays to realize where our needs come from, and why are they there.

  2. merinu says:

    Thank you for the post! I can really relate to your situation. I remember also countless times I’ve also went only to keep company, but ended buying something. You have good points in the text. Especially the part where you pondered why do we “need” all the things we buy.

  3. johannasokka says:

    Great post Mira! I bet many of us can relate to this post. I find it really disturbing how for example marketing in XXL can influence on our consuming behavior. It also makes me wonder do we really need all this stuff and what actually is important in life. Lot of people may think that they need new stuff all the time because of good marketing and also because everybody else have that stuff too.

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