Just for me

One of the main trends for 2014 is super-personalization. Some people even talk about hyper-personalization. Personalization has been taken out of the hands of consumers; advances in technology have provided companies with means to come up with products and services to give consumers what they want – sometimes without them even asking for it.

Personalization has been a big trend for a while now, but mainly just with products; for example personalized sneakers or electronic devices. The change in personalization and the trend is that consumers don’t only want personalization in the actual product anymore but also in the buying process, offers and promotions. A study from Infosys shows that those who have had personalized shopping experiences indicate that the personalization has influenced their purchase decision.; 86% of the consumers said that personalization influenced what they purchase to some extent.

We all know how companies can target their messages straightly to the right consumers online via Facebook or Google. Facebook has almost all the information about your social life; interests, favourite things and even religious faith. Similarly, Google knows what you have searched for, what you probably need or are looking for. These two contexts provide the ideal set-up to identify the types of products and services you will most likely consider buying in the near future. As a proof of that companies know how to get the most out of Facebook and its targeting and personalization possibilities, I can tell that I’ve never seen an advertisement on my Facebook that I wouldn’t feel like it’s for me.

In my opinion the whole story behind this trend is the basic need of human nature; we need to be understood, get attention and feel like we matter. Personalization cuts right into that. It separates people from the crowd and makes companies see consumers as individuals. Even if it would be just a personalized promotion, product recommendation or advertisement, the consumer feels valuable, unique and thought about.

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  1. villeylitalo says:

    This is a great thing to take into consideration, because for example personalized advertising can be irritating or quite useful. Nowadays personalization is certainly a big trend among companies’ marketing, but could it go too far in the future? Are we going to feel too observed if someone keeps tracking us all the time? In the future, marketers should think those questions as well, because otherwise all the marketing effort might be useless. I agree with your last paragraph! It’s important to make consumers feel like they matter, because that could be one key to a long-lasting customer relationship. I have also found some personalized adverts very useful and to me it’s more like saving time. Your blog post includes good examples and you have expressed your thoughts clearly.

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