Why learn to sell – yourself

I was once told that I managed to sell myself well. As much as I laughed after that comment, I think that it was quite an important point. I started to wonder: working in a business world, is it more like selling the products, services, whatever it might be – or ourselves?

Nowadays the world is rapidly changing, so the willingness to learn new things has become more and more relevant.  As everything is getting technological  and basically you can do anything with your gear, the actual eye-to-eye contact might be an experience that we remember.

Personally, I tend to pay attention to how the customer servants are selling their products, especially when buying something I am not so familiar with. Is it like a presentation about the latest product? Is it showing off the absolute lowest prices of all times? Or is it asking questions, finding out the best suitable solution?  Is there any personality involved? At least an aspiration of creating a feeling that gets me thinking I am actually… a special customer?

I have had interesting conversations with sales professionals, and one thing that has been constantly mentioned is this sell-yourself thinking. In addition, I have learned that there is an easy structure, a sort of a “collarbone” when it comes to an effective selling process. I have tried the following 5 steps to convince my customer. What I found out was inspiring. Not only is it more effective, but also it’s more satisfying to find out the solution through a structure-based concept.

Sell yourself and convince your customer at the same time – 5 ways to make it happen

  1. Ask questions – awake, motivate, evaluate
  2. Find out requirements – overriding, needing, feeling
  3. Create solutions – positivity, possibility, sustainability
  4. Make propositions – demonstration, explanation, persuasion
  5. Close the deal

Through these 5 steps you will be able not only to convince your customer, but also improve your strengths and spot your own weaknesses as a customer servant.

As humorous it may sound, selling yourself isn’t actually a bad thing. It isn’t acting. It isn’t lying. It isn’t denying the truth. On the contrary, it could be getting out the best version of you. You may be able to convince your customer in a way that no catalogue has ever convinced before. Just by selling your own expertise, knowledge, and most importantly, your time.

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4 Responses to Why learn to sell – yourself

  1. merinu says:

    Interesting text and especially the 5 steps to convince the costumer. After reading your text I started to think about how I serve my costumers. I realised that most of the time I don’t really sell any specific product, rather just try to sell anything – technically myself. I try to convince the customer the best I can and after I’ve convinced them, they usually buy something. And most of the times it is something random. So I see the point of selling yourself!

    • tuuahuuskola says:

      Thank you for your comment! It’s so great to hear that you spotted the point and were able to relate, through your own experiences.

  2. sarakuu says:

    It was interesting to read this post, in a way that it really made me realize how well these 5 steps I’ve already become familiar with and use in my job as a sales person – in fact it’s basically the core idea of the company I work for! And it’s definitely not acting if you really and truly can be interested in other people. I guess that the most difficult point is, when you simply aren’t interested or can’t “fake it to make it”.
    Sales people can also be tired or bothered by things in their personal lives, and these bothering factors have to be put aside when the customer walks in and the happy helper inside has to wake up and seem genuine to the customer.

    – Sara

    • tuuahuuskola says:

      Thank you for your comment as well! It’s great that you pointed out a sort of another point of view. It really is true that we are all humans and sometimes focusing on your work isn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially if you have something more important to think about, whether it’s due to frustration or, on the other hand, something very delightful. This could easily be the case, no matter how experienced and professional you are!

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