Samsung mocks Apple because of you!

When talking about smartphones and smartphone interfaces and operating systems, we have many users who are loyal to a brand. Often this causes comparison between products. Samsung knows this and decided to throw some gasoline in the flames. Before you read any further, check out these two ads, Grad Pool Party and Galaxy S3, so you understand what I mean. I’m sure, that Samsung has realized their customers’ snide attitude towards iPhone users and exploit this in their advertising. But is Samsung actively leading its customers against Apple or are they just standing behind them? You tell me.

When Samsung was advertising a big display of its smartphones, a statement which came from Apple’s direction was: “No one is going to buy a big phone”. That’s funny, because later Apple released a new iPhone 6 and guess what? With a larger display.

Android users seem to be more active in criticizing than iPhone users. Maybe we can thank Samsung’s advertisements here? The most compared thing that I found when I read forums, are features and price. Other things are the size of the phone (display especially), usability, appearance and so on. Here’s an advertisement from the perspective of Samsung. iPhone is perceived an overpriced “image phone”. It is also claimed that iPhone users’ brand loyalty makes them pay more for nothing and they are blind to other options. All these things are taken into account in advertising. Actually Samsung has even given a funny nickname for iPhone users in this advertisement.


4Chan prank gets Apple users to microwave their iPhone. Some users has really tried this. “Wall huggers” was a clever idea from Samsung, but Android users or whoever are behind these pranks aren’t stupid either. Can’t say the same about iPhone users.


Here’s another prank, which started when the customers complained that the new iPhone 6 will bend in the trousers pocket.



So tell me, are you mocking iPhone, because Samsung does so? Do you realize that maybe Samsung is doing so, because of your attitude? As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t detected as much this kind of slanderous and demeaning attitude in the users of iPhone. Maybe that’s the reason why I haven’t also seen Apple advertisements where they compare their products with other products. What do you think? Why doesn’t Apple give back in the same coin? Is Samsung’s advertising professional or unprofessional? Any other thoughts or examples where it can be seen that the customers’ attitudes are reflected in companies’ advertising?

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3 Responses to Samsung mocks Apple because of you!

  1. henrikikonen says:

    I’ve got to say that I have always enjoyed this type of slander between big companies(coke vs. pepsi, audi vs. bmw), although this one is kind of one-sided. These two have become more like religions than companies, especially Apple. I think that Apple does not have to give back, because they have their loyal users who will not turn their back on Apple no matter what the company does. It is actually the same with Samsung users, they demand that iPhone gets mocked. It would be intresting to see how Samsung users would react if Samsung stopped mocking Apple in their advertisement.

  2. eetukukkonen says:

    As said below, this is a strange phenomenon just by Android users. I have confronted this many times with my buddies.

  3. wertonen says:

    If people see something as a threat or inconvenient, the naive mind can raise their shields up and start mocking the other party without delay. I think that’s one of the reasons behind this advertisement bashing. Samsung is the leading smartphone manufacturer at present and sees Apple as a threat and as the kid in the sandbox that’s easy to bully because of their “hipsterbrandloyalco**ksuckingapplekissingfanbase” – which happens to be + 300 million users. No reason to bad-mouth your competition, mate. Be the mature one here; you are the bigger and stronger after all.

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