Has targeted marketing gone too far?

While studying the different types of blogs on developing customer relationship, I found a very interesting blog ( http://the56group.typepad.com/ ), where Dr. Graham Hill analyzed, how to create a trusted relationship with the customer by using marketing correctly.

Graham wrote in his blog how companies advertising in social media make customers feel awkward. The survey found that 69% of network users are experiencing ads very oppressive. 47% would like to regulate it more of what ads they see and how the ads are shown to them. And 38% use an ad blocker to hide all ads.

I just realized when I was reading Graham’s blog how earlier in the day I felt very uncomfortable with how my Facebook wall was filled with men’s pantyhose ads (Which I had searched for purely accidentally, of course). I realized that companies (especially in garment enterprises) are taking targeted marketing too far. The data which has been collected of customers can be used to marketing even too closely.

I think this does not help at all in creating a reliable relationship with the customer. Of course I understand that, this is sophisticated targeted marketing and it works with a small portion of consumers. But I see more harm than good for the company.

I was wonderingwhat would be the thing that really takes targeted marketing to the next level. So Big Data popped to my mind.

I do not intend to introduce big data in detail, but let’s say this: it means a very large mass of information collected about people. This information is collected for example of people’s social media updates, Internet browsing and even appointments with a doctor. In marketing, the BD can be utilized for targeted marketing, and then even up to the development of customer relationship.

In the past, customer insight and customer experience creation have been an important part of customer relations. And so it will be also in the future, BD makes it possible to follow your customers almost at real time, and then pick up the information which helps you focus attention on customers more accurately

I believe that using Big Data makes it possible to focus on social media marketing more closely, because the customer’s route can be monitored much easier. The different thing is how many companies can really even utilize it. But with the right systems and experts, yes it is possible.

I think that Big Data will bring whole new opportunities to developing customer relationships. If someone can handle the data correctly at the right time. The long-stored information is very quickly useless these days.

It is probably one of the biggest trends to come.

Leo Tynkkynen

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One Response to Has targeted marketing gone too far?

  1. nikonylund says:

    Very nice post! Big data may get very big in future, so nice that you came up with that. Real time customer following is very interesting and useful. As you wrote it will need professionals to handle this information, but hopefully we will get those experts. It would be nice to read your posts more often!

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